New World Medical has announced the availability of a new option for glaucoma surgeons performing tube shunt surgery as a means to lower intraocular pressure: the Ahmed ClearPath Drainage Device. The valveless ClearPath has a flexible plate contoured to conform to the curvature of the eye. Its suture points are positioned more anteriorly than those of other valveless drainage devices to make them easier to visualize and access during surgery, the company says.

The ClearPath is available in two sizes, 350 mm2 and 250 mm2. The model 350 plate surface is positioned more posteriorly to avoid muscle attachment points, and the 250 mm2 is designed to be a true single-quadrant implant that fits between the muscles. Both models come with an optional pre-threaded ripcord and a 23-ga. needle.

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Capture the Retina
Essilor Instruments now offers the Retina800 Next-Generation Fundus Camera, intended to help streamline retinal screening in your practice. Essilor says the unique optical design allows fast, fully automatic, high-quality image capture without human intervention; operator training is minimal. The Retina800 captures 45-degree, true-color images in a few seconds with the press of a button, even if the patient has opacities or a pupil as small as 2.5 mm. Ninety-degree mosaic imaging is easily accomplished, the company adds.

Other features include:

• an intuitive user interface;

• image quality validation before storage;

• direct connection to a DICOM server;

• a space-saving, compact footprint; and

• an intuitive tablet interface.

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A New OCT Option

Canon USA’s Xephilio OCT-A1 optical coherence tomographer recently received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval. 

The system consists of the OCT device, the required RX Capture software, a computer and an LCD monitor The company says the new system is designed to easily image and measure the retina, retinal nerve fiber layer and optic disc. The Xephilio has a scan speed of 70,000 A-scans/second, with a resolution of about 3 µm.

The system uses real-time retinal tracking technology and automatically retains the scan position and protocol for each patient from one exam to the next, eliminating the need for manual adjustment. A mouse-controlled operation is used to engage the automated alignment, tracking, and acquisition of images. The positioning of the components of the Xephilio System allows for the operator and patient to sit side-by-side.  REVIEW

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