For Micro-Invasive Glaucoma
Surgery (MIGS) and goniotomy procedures, Volk says its new Surgical Gonio Lens provides clear anterior chamber angle images.

With a 1.2x image magnification, the contact lens’ high quality Volk optics deliver crisp, high-resolution views. The Surgical Gonio is particularly well suited for MIGS and all surgical gonio procedures. The lens’ small profile is equally useful for pediatric postoperative gonioscopy.

The lens is compatible with both steam and gas sterilization and constructed to withstand repeated sterilization cycles without image degradation over time.

Instead of left hand- or right hand-specific versions of the lens, Volk designed a universal positioning handle that moves to accommodate left hand, right hand and center positions.

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IDS Teams with Corcoran Compliance Connection
Kevin J. Corcoran, founder of Corcoran Compliance Connection LLC, announced the successful completion of final testing of its compliance and coding program for electronic medical records. The first users are customers of Integrity Digital Solutions.

Corcoran Compliance Connection was developed in 2012 to improve coding compliance, reduce risk associated with fraud and abuse and increase practice management efficiency. This proprietary Web-based application interacts with a physician’s electronic medical record system to provide fast, accurate coding for eye exams based solely on the EMR entries in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment, utilizing the available CPT and HCPCS codes integrated with applicable CPT modifiers.

IDS is a leader in EMR software for ophthalmology and optometry. Its management team includes ophthalmologists, optometrists and software engineers who specialize in interface design, workflow optimization and health-care data security.

Corcoran Compliance Connection complements Integrity’s web-based software for ophthalmologists and optometrists, known as Integrity EMR for Eyes, designed to expedite EMR implementation with minimal impact on a practice’s productivity. For more information on Corcoran Compliance Connection, visit For information on IDS, visit or call 1 (877) 353-0373.

ASICO: First Electronic Toric IOL Marker
ASICO (American Surgical
Instruments Corp.) has launched two electronic toric markers (AE-2929 and AE-2930). These markers are designed to enhance toric marking accuracy from 5-degree mean error to 0.2-degree error. This will in turn improve the lens effectiveness from 83 percent to 99.4 percent, the company says.

The design of the electronic toric marker allows surgeons to use both the senses of sight and sound to ensure accurate marking by looking at a signal light and listen to a beeping sound when the marker is aligned perfectly horizontal. The ergonomic flat handle helps the surgeon hold the marker stable and move forward toward the eye without unwanted rotation.

There is flexibility with five-step sensitivity settings to enable the surgeon to operate from 0.2 degrees to 1 degree based on surgeon preference. For information, visit

Gallery-Inspired Frame Displays from Fashion Optical
With the new Prestige line of wall displays, Fashion Optical’s designers can create unique gallery-style presentations and merchandising systems for eye-care professionals. The Prestige line offers a variety of molding choices that mix and match with existing furnishings. There are eight new versatile designer moldings available that range from the fashionable, contemporary Tuxedo design to the traditional beauty of the Renaissance style. By choosing a particular Prestige style, Fashion Optical can create a time-honored style, a more innovative look, or an electric boutique that showcases high-end products.

Fashion Optical Displays offer a wide selection of accessories that easily pop on and off the new Prestige wall displays, including graphics, signage and literature holders, tint and lens displays, as well as curved and straight shelves to hold eyewear cases.

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New Accurate, Low-Cost Exophthalmometer
The Double Luedde Exophthalmometer, just released by Richmond Products, is a low-cost and precise alternative to traditional, higher-priced exophthalmometers. The instrument, which retails for $125, requires no special technique and is very easy to use. It has been tested in a university clinic setting and demonstrated results comparable to other devices such as the Hertl Exophthalmometer at half the cost, the company says.

The Double Luedde measures the distance (exophthalmos) between the front-most surface of the cornea and the external orbital notch. In the treatment of diseases affecting exophthalmos, the instrument is used to track the degree of forward (or backward) displacement of the eye.

Construction includes a sturdy metal backbone and two clear side scales that make measurement easy and quick. The head width adjustment includes a scale to permit repeatable setting of the distance from right to left orbital notch. Detailed instructions and storage case are included. 
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No More Eye Patching For Kids
XPAND 3D has introduced its Amblyz electronic glasses for the treatment of amblyopia. XPAND’s solution focuses on two fundamental issues that neither of the current treatments—eye patches or topical drugs—has addressed. Using an electronic shutter to make one lens intermittently transparent or opaque, Amblyz electronic glasses occlude the healthy, strong eye at regular and intermittent periods to force the amblyopic eye to function and develop its muscles and neural connections. Secondly, the glasses are appealing and eliminate the discomfort and social unease of wearing a patch. These two points are key to increasing the likelihood that the child will receive a full and effective treatment.

Amblyz glasses have been developed by XPAND 3D in conjunction with top ophthalmologists and optometrists, and have been tested in clinical studies that demonstrate comparable effectiveness to current products and superiority in esthetics and comfort. These results were published in Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, July 2010.

XPAND Amblyz glasses work by electronically opening and shuttering the lens over the child’s good eye. A liquid crystal shutter is built into the lens and is used to block the strong eye periodically. XPAND Amblyz glasses will be available beginning in December 2012. For information visit  REVIEW