Rhein Medical has introduced the new Gills Chamber Maintainer, developed in coordination with Drs. James and Pit Gills. The new instrument (Product Number 91-8048) is designed to keep the chamber maintained during cortical cleanup. The distal tip has dual ports, is 21-gauge, and hooks easily to a BSS bottle. The unique rings around the shaft help keep the maintainer in place during surgery. The instrument is reusable, autoclavable, made in the United States, guaranteed for life and available for a 30-day surgical evaluation without obligation. Contact Rhein Medical at (727) 209-2244 for more information or visit http://rheinmedical.com.

Nidek and Marco Launch the OPD-Scan III

In a cooperative partnership, Nidek and Marco have launched the latest 3D Wavefront system, the OPD-Scan III. Like its predecessor, the 3D Wave, this device combines autorefraction/keratometry, pupillometry, corneal topography, optical path difference (OPD) and wavefront analysis into one diagnostic workstation. The OPD-Scan III is a more robust refractive power/corneal analyzer, that can evaluate a patient’s total visual system, and enhances surgery screening capabilities for LASIK and cataract patients.

In just 10 seconds this instrument can capture: SA cornea for aspheric intraocular lens selection; lenticular–residual astigmatism; angle kappa; pre/post toric IOL measurements; pathologies (keratoconus, pellucid); mesopic/photopic pupil size; retroillumination image; Zernike graphs: total; cornea; internal; corneal refractive power map; and intraocular lens tilt or decentration.

New features include: enhanced ARK function automation, WF Visual Acuity Maps, a full 9-mm measurement area, CT blue light (1 sec.), and fully seamless EMR/EHR integration. For information, visit http://marco.com.

B + L Storz Introduces Osher Sterile Field Magnifier
Bausch + Lomb Storz has introduced the E7002 Osher Sterile Field Magnifier, an autoclavable, compact magnification tool that can be used in the operating room environment.

The instrument, with its 50-mm lens, is ideal for loading intraocular lenses into the injector and for aligning the irrigation sleeve on the phaco or I/A tip prior to use. The lens provides magnification that is excellent for inspecting fine surgical instrument tips and ensuring that the phaco tip is properly placed in the irrigation sleeve. It can also be used to assist the OR staff in differentiating microsurgical instrument tips.

Made from stainless steel and fine quality optical glass, the magnifier can be cleaned and sterilized by conventional means. The lens folds easily down into the base of the instrument to allow it to fit into most surgical instrument trays. For information, visit  http://storzeye.com.