Allergan announced the
launch of Refresh Optive Advanced Preservative-Free Lubricant Eye Drops. Featuring the same advanced formula that works on all three layers of the tear film to relieve dry-eye symptoms as Refresh Optive Advanced, the new product does so without the use of a preservative.

In a normal state, the tear film is isotonic and provides comfort and moisture to the eye. In the case of dry eye, the tear film becomes hypertonic due to elevated salt concentration and does not sufficiently hydrate or protect the surface of the eye, leading to increased signs and symptoms of the condition. The triple-action formula of Refresh Optive Advanced Preservative-Free stabilizes the lipid layer to help reduce tear evaporation, hydrates the aqueous layer, and provides an advanced lubricating and protective shield to the mucin layer, while further protecting epithelial cells from hypertonic stress, Allergan reports.

Refresh Optive Advanced Preservative-Free is a lipid-enhanced tear that offers the comfort of an aqueous tear, Allergan says, but delivers just enough lipid to relieve symptoms without causing a lot of blur. By stabilizing the lipid layer, tear evaporation is significantly reduced.

Some lipid-enhanced tears contain up to 2.0 uL of lipid per drop, which is up to 33 times more lipid than that found in a normal tear film. Refresh Optive Advanced Preservative-Free delivers <0.1 uL of lipid per drop to stabilize the lipid layer and restore the lipid that has been lost while delivering an optimized amount for increased tolerability.

Refresh Optive Advanced Preservative-Free is available in 30-count, single-use vials, as well as a preserved multi-dose formula. Both may be used in combination with dry-eye prescription therapies and do not require shaking prior to use. For more information, visit
FCI Adds Line of Retinal Instruments and Devices
FCI Ophthalmics has introduced a line of devices and instruments designed to provide retina surgeons with high-performance products for vitreoretinal procedures.
The line includes a wide selection of disposable laser probes, fiber optic probes and laser illumination sources that can connect to any manufacturers’ vitreoretinal power supply.

A range of instruments and hand-pieces made from lightweight and durable titanium in several gauges are also available, including Retilock,  a one-step self-retaining trocar system for easy access to the posterior segment.

Other products in the vitreoretinal launch include:

 • single-use and reusable Backflush handles and reservoirs for passive and active aspiration;
 • disposable PFCL and subretinal cannulas;
 • scleral buckling components;
 • vitrectomy lenses; and
 • Invitria, Intravitreal Injection Assistant.

FCI says it’s performed extensive research and development to provide surgeons with outstanding products that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of vitreoretinal procedures. For information, call 1 (800) 932-4202, fax (781) 826-9062, or e-mail

Alcon Launches Ilevro Suspension Post-Cataract Drop
Alcon announced the launch of Ilevro Suspension, a new once-daily treatment option for pain and inflammation associated with cataract surgery. In two double-masked, randomized clinical trials, Ilevro Suspension demonstrated superior clinical efficacy compared to its vehicle. 

In the studies, patients treated with Ilevro Suspension were less likely to have ocular pain and measurable signs of inflammation (cells and flare) at the end of treatment than those treated with its vehicle. 

Patients administered Ilevro Suspension experienced superior outcomes when compared to those on vehicle in the following areas: 

 • Inflammation resolved at day 14 in 65 percent of Ilevro Suspension patients vs. 32 percent of patients on vehicle.
 • Pain resolution rates in Ilevro Suspension-treated patients were 86 percent compared to 46 percent of patients on vehicle.

The most frequently reported ocular adverse reactions following cataract surgery were capsular opacity, decreased visual acuity, foreign body sensation, increased intraocular pressure and sticky sensation. These reactions occurred in approximately 5 to 10 percent of patients. For more information, visit

Accutome A-Scan Plus for Fast Axial Length Capture
Accutome has introduced the A-Scan Plus Connect, providing critical ophthalmic measurements for cataract surgery that is compatible on laptop, PC or tablet platforms. The compact tool eases the work measuring and calculating patients’ axial length for cataract surgery. 
Accutome says its A-Scan Plus Connect captures axial length faster than typical A-scans and with an industry-leading resolution. The recently FDA-approved product also features an improved and easy-to-upgrade software interface and calculation menus. The A-Scan Plus Connect’s direct-connect ability allows for an easy transfer of electronic medical records. It is laptop-based compared to most A-Scan devices, which are stand-alone. Its portable and lightweight structure further allows for effortless maneuvering from office to office. 

For information, visit, e-mail or call 1(800) 979-2020. 

Volk Debuts New Lens Sets for Diagnostic and Laser Work
Volk Optical has released several Best in Class lens sets, packaging together complementary lenses for simple selection and better value. Two sets are available for its Digital non-contact lens series and one set for high-resolution contact imaging.

Volk’s Digital Series lenses provide the highest resolution for non-contact imaging during both BIO and slit-lamp use. The Digital family’s lenses increase general diagnostic capabilities and shorten exam time, says Volk. The two-lens set includes Volk’s Digital Wide Field, a 90-D power lens with a field of view 40 percent larger than that of a classic 90-D, and the Digital High Mag, for true three-dimensional views of the posterior pole—an upgrade to a classic 78-D lens. The three-lens set adds the Digital Clear Field. A hybrid of a 20-D and 28-D lens, with magnification of a 20-D and field of view of a 28-D, the Digital Clear Field offers the best of both lenses.

For diagnostic and laser work, the High Resolution Contact Lens Set brings together two lenses with different strengths to increase diagnostic power: the HR Wide Field and the High Resolution Centralis. The HR Wide Field is the best panretinal lens for slit lamp use, with views to the far periphery. The high magnification of the HR Centralis provides detailed views of the central retina and posterior pole.

All lenses are constructed of highgrade, low-dispersion glass to maintain superior resolution and image quality. The lens kits provide a better value than purchasing individual lenses. All lens sets can be ordered packaged together in multiple lens cases or individually, at no extra cost. Digital Lenses are also available in a choice of seven different ring colors.

For information, visit, call Volk at 1 (800) 345-8655 or contact your authorized Volk Distributor.

Stand Serves Image and Budget
Reliance Medical Products says its fashion-forward 8700 instrument stand pairs beautifully with the 520 exam chair. Sleek and economical, it was created for practices with an eye on image and budget.

The 8700’s slit lamp arm effortlessly positions the lamp for exams. Three recharging wells ensure a steady power supply for medical equipment. Membrane switches and controls for indirect lighting are standard on this wheel chair-compatible stand.

The 8700 represents the durable quality of the Reliance brand. The ensemble of the 520 chair and 8700 instrument stand offer worry free operation for the life of a practice.

For more information, visit  REVIEW