New Technology

New Ways to Address Amblyopia

Traditional approaches to diagnosis and treatment have been less-than-ideal. New high-tech options may change that.

The Rise of the Machines in Retina

A look at how robotic surgical systems might help improve outcomes in certain procedures.

How to Develop Your Own Instruments

From concept to patent to finding a manufacturer—here’s how to get started in the world of custom instruments.

Slit Lamp Simulator Goes Gonio

Product News: New offerings to help improve clinical care and strengthen your practice.

Presbyopic IOLs in the Pipeline

In the quest for true accommodation, several companies are developing premium lenses that feature innovative design and technology.

Facilitating Phaco with Cutting-edge Tech

Today’s machines for emulsifying and removing cataracts while managing the anterior chamber are the best ever when it comes to safety, efficiency and ease of use.

Big Data and Ophthalmology, 2021

Being able to compile and analyze huge quantities of real-world data is having a significant impact on practice.

Acuity Testing at Home: Ready for Clinical Use?

Thanks to the pandemic, methods for assessing visual acuity away from the office are finally starting to get real.

IOL Review: 2021 Newcomers

Three unique, non-diffractive/non-multifocal IOLs that strive for a greater range of vision.

Checking Visual Fields Using Virtual Reality

Many disadvantages associated with standard visual field testing may be eliminated using this novel technology.