New Technology

Checking Visual Fields Using Virtual Reality

Many disadvantages associated with standard visual field testing may be eliminated using this novel technology.

Keep in Touch (Virtually) With Your Patients

The new normal demands new solutions. Here’s an overview of five tools that can help your practice transition and grow.

IOP Around the Clock: How Close Are We?

Intraocular pressure fluctuates every day and night. When will 24-hour monitoring inform treatment decisions?

Three Femtosecond Lasers Have New Indications

Manufacturers unveiled new 510(K) clearances from the Food and Drug Administration at the 2018 ASCRS meeting.

3-D Printing Technology In Ophthalmology

This process makes it possible to create instrument prototypes and custom implants at a reasonable price.

An Early-2018 IRIS Registry Update

With the seemingly exponential growth of the IRIS Registry, it’s a good time to check its progress.

Making the Most of Today’s Biometry Tech

Today’s advanced technology improves outcomes, but caution and training still pay off.