Intraocular Lenses

The Quest for Perfect Vision

How to use precise patient profiling, ocular surface management, state-of-the-art diagnostics and today’s IOLs to provide patients excellent vision, with insights from retinal specialists.

IOL Review: 2021 Newcomers

Three unique, non-diffractive/non-multifocal IOLs that strive for a greater range of vision.

Secondary IOL Fixation: Know Your Options

Surgeons share their expertise to help expand your skillset.

Getting Great Outcomes with Toric IOLs

Surgeons share strategies for making sure these patients end up with the best possible vision.

IOL Survey: New lenses turn surgeons’ heads

On this year’s IOL survey, the new PanOptix Trifocal and Tecnis Toric II both made a splash.

Non-IOL-based Presbyopia Treatments

A number of approaches to relieving the symptoms of presbyopia are now in the pipeline.

How to Handle Dislocated IOLs

Experts review the salient points regarding repositioning and fixating intraocular lenses that refuse to cooperate.