Intraocular Lenses

Non-IOL-based Presbyopia Treatments

A number of approaches to relieving the symptoms of presbyopia are now in the pipeline.

How to Handle Dislocated IOLs

Experts review the salient points regarding repositioning and fixating intraocular lenses that refuse to cooperate.

Tips for Success with Trifocal Lenses

Surgeons discuss the pros, cons and tips for implantation for a new breed of intraocular lens.

Dealing With the Unhappy IOL Patient

How to manage surface disease, residual refractive errors, off-target corrections, troubling visual disturbances and more.

How to Manage Dislocated IOLs

Treatment depends on the location of the IOL.

No Capsular Support: Do ACIOLs Still Make Sense?

New alternatives have many surgeons shying away from ACIOLs —but there’s still a place for them.

Planning for the Best Outcomes

Do more than just hope for them with intelligent cataract surgery planning for post-refractive eyes.

New High-Tech IOL Options in the Pipeline

Three revolutionary ideas may help to raise the bar for post-surgery refractive outcomes and patient satisfaction.