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The Epic Future of Epi-on

A look at what’s coming to cross-linking, both in and out of the FDA pipeline.

Cataract/IOL Surgery after RK

Surgeons need to manage inaccurate IOL calculations, an extended postop recovery time and patient expectations.

Responding to Premium IOL Setbacks

What to do when you miss the mark—and how to ensure you don’t next time.

Out with the Old: Successful IOL Exchange

Surgeons share pearls for ensuring a good lens-exchange outcome—and a happy patient.

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Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Minimally Invasive Trabecular Meshwork Stents with Phacoemulsification
See whether implanting the Hydrus Microstent or iStent inject during cataract surgery was cost-effective.

Archway Randomized Phase III Trial of the PDS with Ranibizumab for nAMD
Did the system demonstrate noninferiority and equivalent efficacy to monthly ranibizumab?

Preoperative Angle Alpha and Angle Kappa Values in Patients Undergoing Multifocal Refractive Lens Surgery
Learn how many patients with a positive multifocal contact lens test also had correspondingly small angle values.

Assessing Reading Performance in GA Secondary to AMD with Visual Function and Structural Biomarkers
See if the validity of reading performance was a meaningful endpoint in clinical trials.

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