Refractive/Cataract Rundown

Before Enhancing Post-LASIK Patients

Consider updated strategies for flap management, when to operate, communication, epithelial ingrowth and more.


Avoiding Unhappiness After Cataract Surgery

Follow these five tips to ensure patient satisfaction and avoid undesirable outcomes.


What Downturn?

A slump in refractive surgery from COVID-19 isn’t materializing—at least yet. Find out why and how to position your practice.


Removing Hard Cataracts Safely

A group of surgeons in India uses a novel technique to reduce endothelial cell damage and postop corneal edema.


Reopening Slowly And Safely

Cataract surgeons explain how they’ve minimized risks to patients and practice—and how they will turn things around.


Dawn of the Monofocal “Plus” Era

Surgeons discuss their experiences with the two newest additions to the monofocal family.


How to Right-size Your Capsulorhexis

Learn the best strategies to use when you need to go small, large or somewhere in between.


Finding Hyperopia’s Surgical Sweet Spot

Experts discuss how to meet the sometimes unrealistic expectations of today’s hyperopes. 


Biomarkers of Surgical Happiness

How to find missed opportunities in the outcomes of dissatisfied refractive surgery patients. 


Getting to the Root of Post-LASIK Pain

How to overcome a diagnostic blind spot—the failure to understand when surgery has gotten on the cornea’s nerves.