Refractive/Cataract Rundown

Dawn of the Monofocal “Plus” Era

Surgeons discuss their experiences with the two newest additions to the monofocal family.


Finding Hyperopia’s Surgical Sweet Spot

Experts discuss how to meet the sometimes unrealistic expectations of today’s hyperopes. 


Biomarkers of Surgical Happiness

How to find missed opportunities in the outcomes of dissatisfied refractive surgery patients. 


Getting to the Root of Post-LASIK Pain

How to overcome a diagnostic blind spot—the failure to understand when surgery has gotten on the cornea’s nerves.


Dealing with a Rare Complication

How to respond to a suprachoroidal hemorrhage that most cataract surgeons will face at least once in their career.



How to Deal with A Cloudy Cornea

Clear the way with careful preop planning, surface treatments, adaptive procedures and more.



Hone Your Refractive Screening Process

Follow these tips to safeguard corneal health while ruling candidates in or out.



Astigmatism: Find a Happy Medium

A surgeon answers the question: How much astigmatism do surgeons have to correct?



How to Handle Astigmatism After PK

A veteran corneal surgeon reviews the full spectrum of tools and techniques for managing these unique cases.



Tips for Using the New Toric Visian

Phakic IOL users finally have a new option for treating their refractive-surgery patients who have astigmatism.