Dry Eye

Dry Eye: The Blepharitis Connection

How to diagnose and treat blepharitis and why patient education is key.

Should You Open a Dry-eye Clinic?

Doctors with extensive dry-eye experience answer 10 frequently-asked questions.

Techniques & Tools for Managing Dry Eye

An update on the latest drugs and devices, with tips for managing all severities of dry-eye disease.

Using Today’s Dry-Eye Diagnostic Tools

Clinicians explain how the current crop of tests and instruments fit into the diagnostic picture.

Delving into the Dry-Eye Pipeline

Novel compounds of all sorts, from anti-inflammatories to receptor inhibitors, are on the way.

What to Expect from Your Dry-Eye Device

Results from devices used in-office that take the treatment onus off of the patient.

Dry Eye: More Than a Symptomatic Disease

You can now determine whether Sjögren’s syndrome is contributing to your patients’ dry eyes.

In the Dry-Eye Pipeline: Slow Progress

New agents are promising, but approvals are likely several years away.

Is It Dry Eye, Allergy Or Infection?

Although these conditions are usually easy to identify, they can sometimes mimic one another.

Putting Dry Eye to the Test

Experts describe the best ways to incorporate the latest point-of-care dry-eye tests into your ocular surface disease workup.