Dry Eye

Getting to the Root of Dry Eye

Determining the cause of dry-eye signs and symptoms can be challenging. Surgeons share tips and pearls.

Approaches and Methods for Treating Dry Eye: 2021

As the population of dry eye patients continues to grow, so do the available options for intervention.

Dry Eye: What’s in the Pipeline?

Promising new treatments are on the horizon.

Dry Eye: The Blepharitis Connection

How to diagnose and treat blepharitis and why patient education is key.

Should You Open a Dry-eye Clinic?

Doctors with extensive dry-eye experience answer 10 frequently-asked questions.

Techniques & Tools for Managing Dry Eye

An update on the latest drugs and devices, with tips for managing all severities of dry-eye disease.

Using Today’s Dry-Eye Diagnostic Tools

Clinicians explain how the current crop of tests and instruments fit into the diagnostic picture.

Delving into the Dry-Eye Pipeline

Novel compounds of all sorts, from anti-inflammatories to receptor inhibitors, are on the way.

What to Expect from Your Dry-Eye Device

Results from devices used in-office that take the treatment onus off of the patient.

Dry Eye: More Than a Symptomatic Disease

You can now determine whether Sjögren’s syndrome is contributing to your patients’ dry eyes.