Glaucoma Management

Patient Referrals: The First Office Visit

The initial encounter with a referred glaucoma patient is rife with opportunity and potential pitfalls. Here’s help. 


Early Glaucoma: The Macular Damage Factor

Central vision problems reported by patients with early glaucoma may be attributable to undetected damage in the macula.


Glaucoma and Refractive Surgery

Refractive procedures can have a profound impact on eyes at risk for glaucomatous damage. Here’s how to stay out of trouble.


Canaloplasty, GATT & Trypan Blue Venography

Combining these procedures can be therapeutic and may reveal important information about the status of the outflow system.


Managing Glaucoma in A KPro Patient

The Boston keratoprosthesis (Type 1) can preserve vision in many patients, but it’s highly associated with glaucoma. Here’s help.


Preop Considerations For Pediatric Glaucoma

Childhood glaucoma can be more serious than adult glaucoma, more challenging to diagnose and more difficult to treat.


Fixing a Wayward Trabeculectomy Bleb

Bleb failure is fairly common over time, but a number of techniques can help you return many blebs to functionality.


A Sustained-release Glaucoma Treatment

Surgeons answer key questions about the newly approved option for keeping IOP low—without drops.


Managing Glaucoma & Retinal Detachment

These two problems often coexist. A surgeon offers strategies for successfully managing the glaucoma in this situation.


Tubes, Trabs and Cataract Surgery

Glaucoma patients often present extra challenges during cataract surgery. An expert offers helpful strategies.