Glaucoma Management

Managing Glaucoma & Retinal Detachment

These two problems often coexist. A surgeon offers strategies for successfully managing the glaucoma in this situation.


Tubes, Trabs and Cataract Surgery

Glaucoma patients often present extra challenges during cataract surgery. An expert offers helpful strategies.


Measuring Postop IOP: Don’t Be Fooled

An expert describes how to get the most accurate intraocular pressure measurements after corneal surgery.


Managing Corneal Disease and Glaucoma

These two conditions often exist side-by-side, and treating one often makes the other worse. MIGS may provide a solution.


Is It Glaucoma or An Optic Neuropathy?

When signs and symptoms don’t support a diagnosis of high-pressure glaucoma, be on the lookout for signs of neuropathy.


How Many Topical Drops are Too Many?

Not every patient can deal with a complex regimen, but options such as combination drops are making things easier.


Cataract Surgery in Advanced Glaucoma

These patients require careful planning and taking extra care to ensure the best possible outcome.



Glues and Sealants in Tube Shunt Surgery

Using glue instead of stitches can sometimes be beneficial for both the patient and the surgeon.




What We’re Learning From the PTVT Study

The Primary Tube vs. Trabeculectomy Study is revealing useful data regarding tubes versus trabs in virgin eyes.




Glaucoma Severity: Individualizing Surgery

Surgical intervention to relieve high intraocular pressure is not a “one-size-fits-all” proposition. A surgeon shares his experience.