Glaucoma Management

Gene Therapy and Glaucoma: An Update

Advances in genetic manipulation are showing promise for mitigating glaucomatous damage and preserving sight.


The Impact of Systemic Medications on Glaucoma

Some prescription and OTC treatments our patients may be receiving can affect the disease—for better or worse.


Surgery in the Advanced Uveitic Glaucoma Patient

Doing surgery on these patients requires a different approach than you might use for other glaucoma patients. Here's help.


Prostaglandins and IOP: What's Really Going On?

Evidence suggests that these drugs cause a long-term IOP reduction in some patients. Here's the latest.


Cannabis, Glaucoma and Intraocular Pressure

Patients are increasingly curious about this. A doctor/researcher provides an update.


IOP Elevation Following Retinal Procedures

A number of these procedures, including anti-VEGF injections, can trigger a rise in IOP. A retinal specialist offers advice.


Fixed-combination Compounded Therapies

Pharmacy-made drops can be an affordable and beneficial option for many of our patients.


Debating the Use of MicroPulse TLT

Could this technology benefit many relatively healthy eyes, not just those with advanced glaucoma? Two experts weigh in on the issue.


Cataract Surgery in the Presence of Hypotony

A very low intraocular pressure can have negative consequences when performing cataract surgery. Here's help.


Angle-Closure Suspects And LPIs: Yes or No?

Recent studies offer insight regarding whether or not to perform laser peripheral iridotomy on these patients.