Advanced Vision Research, makers of TheraTears, has introduced a new, prescription-only NutriDox convenience kit for the support of healthy meibomian glands and eye lids that may be susceptible to meibomitis, posterior blepharitis and meibomian gland disease.

The three-part kit contains NutriDox (doxycycline monohydrate) 75-mg capsules, which is an oral antibiotic to reduce bacterial colonization, TheraTears Nutrition (omega-3) softgels to support thin meibomian gland oils and uninflamed eyelids, and the portable iHeat Warm Compress System to assist meibomian gland oil flow.

Meibomitis is typically treated with oral tetracyclines, warm compresses and a digital massage of the lid margin, however the compliance level of this treatment regimen is low. By providing all necessary essentials in a single convenient kit and addressing the three mechanisms of meibomitis (bacteria, inflammation and thickened meibomian gland oil), Advanced Vision Research hopes to increase patient compliance and better control the effects of the disease.

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FDA Approves AMO's Healon D

The Food and Drug Administration has granted Advanced Medical Optics premarket approval of Healon D, a clear dispersive ophthalmic viscosurgical device for use as a surgical aid in cataract extraction, intraocular lens implantation, corneal transplant and glaucoma filtration surgery. AMO says Healon D OVD's formula provides exceptional clarity in the surgical field and a high degree of protection of corneal endothelial cells. Due to its low molecular weight, Healon D coats the cornea and remains in place throughout the entire surgical process. Its lower viscosity provides ideal lubrication of IOL insertion systems. Like all members of the Healon family, Healon D is latex-free, which means a safer environment for patients and physicians.

The FDA's approval of Healon D allows AMO to introduce for the first time two new dual-pack ophthalmic viscosurgical systems featuring Healon D and Healon GV as well as Healon D and standard Healon OVDs in convenient combination packs. AMO plans to ship Healon D OVD and the new dual-packs in the fourth quarter. For information, visit


Topcon EyeRoute Integrates with Pentacam

Topcon Medical Systems reports that its EyeRoute Image Management System now provides a direct interface to the Oculus Pentacam Corneal Topography System. Topcon has worked directly with Oculus to create an automatic interface for importing Pentacam exams into EyeRoute. The simplified export process requires only a single click of an export button in the Pentacam software. EyeRoute integrates images and reports from the Pentacam and a multitude of other ophthalmic instruments into a single, secure, digital environment, allowing the eye care professional instant access to their patients' tests in a single document. For more information on the EyeRoute Pentacam interface, contact Topcon (800) 223-1130 or visit topconmedical. com.