Alcon reports that its new ICaps MV (Multivitamin) gives patients an optimal combination of vitamins and nutrients for complete eye and body health. This new product is the first AREDS-based formulation to also contain 23 essential ingredients for the body. With 10 mg of lutein and zeaxanthin, ICaps MV may help reduce the risk of the progression of age-related macular degeneration, the company says. The product is formulated without beta-carotene, which is preferred for patients who smoke. For information, visit:

Rhein's Steinert/Seibel LRI Diamond Knife

Developed in coordination with Roger F. Steinert, MD, and Barry S. Seibel, MD, Rhein's Steinert/Seibel LRI Diamond Knife (Product # 05-5040) offers in-line footplates turned 90 degrees to allow full visualization of the diamond blade while incising tissue. The mirror-polished double footplate construction insures precise blade depth penetration, Rhein says. Pre-set blade extension settings are 0.5 mm, 0.55 mm, 0.6 mm, including full retraction and full extension. The graduated 1.2-mm to 1.4-mm-wide diamond blade is ideal for making the MICS paracentesis incision and performing the LRI with the same knife. All components are made of titanium. The knife is reusable, autoclaveable, and the handle is guaranteed for life. Call 1 (800) 637-4346 for more information.

Laser Fixation Target

Gulden Ophthalmics says its timesaving fixation ceiling target is for changing gaze during indirect ophthalmoscope exams and other testing. This new device allows patients to fixate on the ceiling, floor and walls, anywhere a laser beam can shine. The Laser Fixation Target is made of very flexible tubing that adjusts easily and stays in position. It has a base for counter placement and a clip for attaching to any slit lamp. Five interchangeable tips give the practitioner an assortment of targets. These different targets include cartoon characters that make fixation more interesting especially with pediatric patients. For information, visit

Expand Your BIO

If your indirect ophthalmoscopy exams are made difficult by bulky equipment, Heine says you may like its new Omega 500 binocular indirect ophthalmoscope.

The company says the Omega 500 is 30-percent lighter than its predecessor, the Omega 180, and weighs only 450 g. It occupies 20 percent less volume than the 180, as well. According to Heine, the 500's new multi-coated illumination system includes an XHL Xenon-Halogen bulb that produces fewer reflexes off of the cornea, resulting in high-resolution fundus views that are up to 100 percent brighter than the 180's.

The Omega 500 has an enhanced variable pupil function that allows for the selection of observation and illumination optics for any pupil size. The system provides stereopsis in pupils ranging from 10 mm down to 1 mm.

The company points out that the 500's headband fits comfortably, thanks to an articulated rear hinge that allows the wearer to adjust the vertical fit of the rear band. It has 40 percent more cushion area than the Omega 180. Heine also says the headband transfers the unit's weight optimally, eliminating any "pressure points" where the unit would impinge on the wearer's head.

For information, call 1 (800) 367-4872, or visit

An Epic Diagnosis

The Nidek Epic-5100 Vision Diagnostic System (marketed by Marco in the United States), allows users to refract patients more efficiently with the use of a color touch-sensitive screen. In addition to refractions, the 5100 can also take lensmeter readings, perform keratometry and measure accommodation. It also has three contrast and glare testing modes.

Marco says the 5100 system allows the user to immediately compare a patient's uncorrected vision to his vision with his new and old prescriptions with one press of a button. The company says that, because all of the necessary instruments are arrayed around a small table, a traditional 15-minute refraction takes only five to six minutes with the Epic system. To further speed the process, technicians can program the system to match their own refracting technique, so it will proceed through a sequence of exams that the tech prefers.

For information, call 1 (800) 874-5274 or visit