Advanced Medical Optics has combined its WhiteStar Signature phaco system with Fusion Fluidics technology. The double-pump fluidics system enhances chamber stability and reduces post-occlusion by a significant margin, AMO says. The dual-pump responsiveness has the performance of a venturi pump and the control of a flow-based peristaltic pump, providing a stable environment for the surgeon and the patient. The streamlined user interface includes a one-step, one-hand cassette,  intelligent help feature and intuitive touch screen. Call (714) 247-8200 or visit


ORION Gets FDA Clearance

The Food and Drug Administration has approved Nidek's ORION Auto-Retinal Imaging device. The device enables patients to screen their retina with a technician's assistance. A voice synthesizer prompts the patient through the screening process and captures a 7-µm high-resolution image of the patient's retina, which can be sent electronically to a retina specialist for further diagnosis. The device can screen both retinas of a patient in less than two minutes. Visit


Baxter Releases Hylenex Recombinant

Baxter has introduced Hylenex recombinant (hyaluronidase human injection) for enhancing the absorption and dispersion of other injected drugs. Hylenex, the first and only human recombinant hyaluronidase therapeutic product, is available in 1-ml, single-dose vials containing 150 units of hyaluronidase. Call 1 (800) 948-2000 or visit


New DSAEK Tools from Moria

Moria has released its Busin Glide Spatula and Busin Forceps for use in Descemet's stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty. The spatula is especially designed for the pull-through technique and allows for an incision as small as 3.2 mm. It facilitates unfolding of the graft, simplifies centration of the donor button in the anterior chamber and minimizes intraoperative manipulation of the graft and the possibility of endothelial loss.

The micro-incision forceps with distal action and a 20-ga. diameter are designed to position the graft in the glide and to pull it from the glide into the anterior chamber. The size of the tips is optimized to prevent endothelial cell damage and the tips only contact the periphery of the graft, leaving both the endothelial and stromal surfaces untouched in the optical zone.

Call 1 (800) 441-1314 or visit


Bausch & Lomb Debuts DSEK Tools

Bausch & Lomb has released the E3125 Cindy Sweeper and E3123 Terry Irrigating Scraper for use in Descemet's stripping with endothelial keratoplasty.

The sweeper is designed for a smooth glide across the corneal surface to smooth out the interface between the stromal surface and the DSEK graft. The scraper is used with irrigation to stabilize the anterior chamber while gently roughening the inner stromal surface of the cornea in preparation for the graft. Call 1 (800) 338-2020 or visit


Volk's Case Organizes Instruments

Volk Optical has released a new custom case aimed at surgeons who use the company's Autoclave Sterilizable and Chalam Self Stabilizing Vitrectomy lenses and surgical instruments. The case holds a full set of Volk's eight ACS direct image lenses, two indirect image ACS lenses, two suture rings, forceps and a vitrectomy handle. The case, which accommodates ACS direct image lenses in both standard and SSV styles, can withstand repeated autoclave cycles for quick in-office turnaround between procedures. Call 1 (800) 345-8655 or visit