ASICO"s DSAEK/DXEK set of instruments is designed with a special curvature that allows for easy access to the inner corneal dome without having to exit the anterior chamber.

The set offers a dexatome (AE-2872) and a stripper (AE-2874) for the easy removal of diseased endothelium with the least complications. For previous PLK patients with hanging stroma the set provides 20G micro scissors (AE-5762) and micro forceps (AE-4962) to efficiently remove any excess endothelium or stroma. The stromal scrubber (AE-2878) was designed to effectively roughen the corneal stroma periphery within the Descemetorhexis circle for preparation of the donor cornea insertion.

For easy removal of the damaged endothelium and implantation of the donor cornea, forceps (AE-4227) with 120-degree vertically oriented handles and horizontally oriented carrier platforms allow optimal positioning of the donor corneal disk within the host anterior chamber. The design of the fixation hook (AE-2182) allows for effective fixation of the donor "taco" during air injection to unfold the donor disk within the recipient anterior chamber. Once the donor cornea has been implanted, all regions of the outer corneal surface can be gently and smoothly ironed to diminish and/or eliminate donor disk wrinkles caused by air or fluid at the donor-host interface with the glider (AE-2879). For information, call 1 (800) 628-2879 or visit


CooperVision Introduces Disposable Lenses

CooperVision has introduced ClearSight 1-Day, a line of daily disposable soft contact lenses. ClearSight 1-Day features a thinner lens design that minimizes lid interaction, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience. The lenses are also designed for easier handling with an ergonomic blister packaging and a light blue visibility tint to help the patient see the lens more easily when it's out of the eye. The 52-percent water content lenses are available in sphere powers of +6 to -10 D in 0.5 D steps above +5 and -6; a center thickness of 0.07 mm at -3 D; an 8.7-mm base curve; and a 14.2-mm diameter. They come in 30-lens and 90-lens revenue cartons.


Accutome Now Carries Volk Lenses

Accutome has become an official distributor of Volk lenses and will now carry the full line of indirect and digital BIO lenses, slit-lamp lenses, indirect and direct contact lenses and gonio lenses. The new Digital Wide Field lens combines exceptional wide-field views and high magnification with good small-pupil capability. The enhanced double aspheric design and multi-layer coating provide high-resolution, stereo views of the retina with minimum reflections. Call 1 (800) 979-2020 or visit


Gulden Ophthalmics Time Saving Tools

Gulden's Flashing Fixation Sticks provide a series of detailed accommodation-stimulation targets for the young patient. The set consists of two durable plastic sticks with fixation flashers. Single sticks can be used for: unilateral (cover/uncover) test at near; alternating cover test at near; pursuit testing; near point of convergence; motilities (ductions and versions), vergence facility at near, fixation stability at near in diagnostic positions of gaze, amplitude of accommodation, and accommodative facility. Dual sticks with different targets exposed can be used for saccade testing.

Contact Gulden Ophthalmics at (215) 884-8105 or visit