Bio-Tissue, which specializes in regenerative tissue therapies and ocular hygiene products for lid margin and ocular surface diseases, has launched Cliradex Complete Advanced Lid Hygiene Kit, the newest addition to the Cliradex product line. These products isolate 4-Terpineol, the most important ingredient in tea tree oil, which the company says is scientifically proven to help manage symptoms of lid margin diseases, including blepharitis, meibomian gland dysfunction, rosacea, dry eye and demodex.

The kit is a professional, comprehensive lid hygiene protocol featuring a formulation gel called Cliradex Advanced Care that includes a stronger concentration of 4-Terpineol for in-office application by a doctor or trained technician. This new formulation also contains ingredients for easy removal of lid margin debris and makeup. The kit comes with a dual-sided applicator, doctor and patient materials, and a carton of Cliradex lid wipes for patients to use at home for management of their symptoms. This new addition to the Cliradex product line is used for moderate to severe cases of lid margin diseases, while the current Cliradex lid wipes can be used by patients at home for mild to moderate cases.  

Cliradex products are natural, preservative-free lid, lash and facial cleansers, and are the only commercially-available products that isolate 4-Terpineol. For information, visit

FCI Debuts Canaliculus Intubation Set
FCI Ophthalmics announces
 a new and improved Self-Retaining Bicanaliculus Intubation Set, designed by Pierre Bigé, MD. The SRSII allows the physician to intubate the canaliculi in the office with just topical anesthetic drops and enables intubation of the upper and lower canaliculi without having to enter through the nasal passageway.

The 0.64-mm wide tube is made of medical grade silicone and is available in 25-mm, 30-mm and 35-mm lengths. Each end of the tube has an anchor-shaped head with two flexible winglets that fold inward during insertion through the punctum. Pre-loaded introducers on each end make insertion easier. After passage through the common canaliculus, the winglets open in the lacrimal sac for secure fixation. A centrally placed marking on the tube acts as a reference point and allows verification of proper stent positioning.

Primary indications for the SRSII include horizontal lacrimal duct stricture or punctal stenosis. Special consideration should be given to cancer patients on constricting drug therapies such as Taxotere.

For information, call FCI Ophthalmics at 1 (800) 932-4202 or visit

Non-Detergent Dry-Eye Product
NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
will initiate a major marketing campaign and commercialization effort for the company’s new product, i-Lid  Cleanser.The marketing campaign will explain why i-Lid Cleanser is a significant advance in the care of dry eye and blepharitis. It is estimated that 23 million Americans chronically suffer from inflammation of the eyelids, known as blepharitis, and another 13 million struggle with meibomian gland dysfunction. NovaBay says its i-Lid Cleanser is the first non-detergent, non-irritating product to be prescribed for these conditions. For information, call 1 (800) 890-0329 or visit

A New View from Sony
Sony Medical has
 introduced two new products: the Sony MCC-500MD medical video camera and the HVO-550MD medical recorder with DVD optical drive.

Sony says that the MCC-500MD medical video camera is affordable, and features the latest-generation image sensor technology for better low-light sensitivity than traditional 1/3-inch image sensor technology to allow for superb image reproduction capability.
The company says that the technology offers maximum flexibility with connectivity options such as high-definition multimedia interface, HD-serial digital interface (1080P), S-video and composite. Sony adds that all outputs are active simultaneously, ideal for multiple views in the operating room. Surgeons can capture full HD quality surgical video when the camera is paired with the HVO-550MD recorder, which features MPEG-4 recording, universal serial bus connectivity and network recording capabilities.

The company says that users will be able to simultaneously record to an internal hard drive and to a USB thumb or portable drive. The recorder’s 500GB internal hard drive will store up to 85 hours of HD video with rapid access to previously recorded cases. For information visit

Compact Washer-Disinfector for Ophthalmic Instruments
Miele Professional has
 introduced a new product for hospitals seeking to reduce the incidence of postoperative eye inflammations. The G7899 Washer-Disinfector is equipped with baskets, trays and racks designed specifically to clean delicate microsurgical instruments used in cataract and other ophthalmic surgeries. As a free-standing system, the G7899 allows hospitals to follow industry guidelines and manufacturer’s directions for use (DFU), recommending the separation of ophthalmic instruments from other surgical tools during reprocessing. Compact and automated, Miele G7899 Washer-Disinfectors free hospital staff from manual soaking and scrubbing prior to sterilization.

Miele G7899 Washer-Disinfectors use specialized injectors to effectively remove soil and debris from the narrow lumens in phacoemulsification  and other cannulated instruments used in ophthalmic surgery. The low spray pressure combined with high- volume water circulation provides gentle yet powerful cleaning and rinsing. Six preinstalled programs, including a specialized ophthalmology program, simplify operation for users and a variety of alarms and safety devices are built-in.

Miele Washer-Disinfectors are rated for intermediate-level disinfection prior to sterilization. The systems assist hospital infection control departments to conform to industry best practices, such as AAMI ST79. Engineered for durability, Miele systems are designed to perform optimally for 15,000 hours, providing years of continuous service. Miele includes installation of the washer with verification documentation and a two-year warranty on parts and labor. For information, contact: or call 1 (800) 991-9380, or visit miele-pro.comREVIEW