Bausch & Lomb has introduced the SofPort AO Violet-Filtering lens, which prevents high-energy light from reaching the retina without compromising the patients' low-light color vision, the company says, offering the potential of enhanced retinal protection when compared to standard, UV-blocking lenses.

Visible light of any wavelength poses some phototoxicity to the retina, according to B&L. In general, spectral hazard increases with decreasing wavelength, because photon energy increases with decreasing wavelength. Violet light has the highest photon energy and is the greatest phototoxic hazard threat.

Retinal sensitivity to violet light is extremely low under both photopic and scotopic conditions. Blocking violet light will not degrade functional vision.

The SofPort AO Violet-Blocking Aspheric Lens provides superior vision in dim light when compared to blue light-blocking alternatives and has the potential to offer enhanced retinal protection when compared to standard IOLs. For information, visit

New IOL Insertion System from AMO

Advanced Medical Optics has launched a new syringe-style insertion system, the DK7788. The new inserter, made specifically for AMO by Duckworth and Kent, will provide another option for inserting AMO's acrylic IOLs: ReZoom Multifocal, Tecnis (ZA9003), and Sensar with OptiEdge. The DK7788 is a syringe-style inserter that automatically rotates the barrel at the appropriate point in the delivery of the lens and provides for truly one-handed lens delivery.  It is a reusable and autoclavable system, like AMO's current Unfolders. The DK7788 utilizes AMO's current Emerald Advanced Cartridges. Loading the IOL into the Emerald Advanced Cartridge is the same for the DK7788 as for the Emerald Unfolders. For information, visit

New DSEK Dissection Spatulas

Rhein Medical offers two new DSEK dissection spatulas, developed with Roger F. Steinert, MD: the Steinert DSEK 50 Degree Stripping Spatula and the Steinert DSEK 90 Degree Stripping Spatula, each 0.85 mm wide. The distal tips are mirror-polished and beveled to allow for efficient dissection of Descemet's membrane. Contact Rhein Medical at 1 (813) 885-5050 for more information.

New Eye Models from Gulden

Gulden Ophthalmics' has introduced three new eye models: the ICL; Corneoplastique and the EPI. These eye models were developed to visually explain to patients various conditions and procedures that may be difficult to follow or about which they may be apprehensive, the company says. The models allow the doctor or technician to familiarize the patient with these procedures and techniques. The realistically colored and textured eye models are designed primarily for patient and staff education. For more information contact Gulden Ophthalmics (Elkins Park, Pa.) at (215) 884-8105 or E-mail: Web:

Dry-Eye Test from Amcon

A new dry-eye test is available from Amcon Laboratories. The St. Louis-based company says the DET is the only fluorescein strip specifically designed and manufactured for the diagnosis of tear-film breakup time.

The DET strips are specifically designed for dry-eye testing. The fluorescein-impregnated substrate portion of the DET test strip is substantially slimmer than the traditional fluorescein test strips, Amcon says. This design modification allows delivery of 1 µl of fluorescein dye to the ocular surface, without compromising the tear film. Traditional fluorescein test strips typically deliver up to 17 µl of dye fluid into the fragile tear film's 3 to 7 µl tear volume, according to Amcon. The DET test strips provide concise and reliable TBUT measurements with no discomfort felt by patients when the test strip is applied to the bulbar conjunctiva. For more information visit or

Xal-Ease Receives Commendation

The Arthritis Foundation has awarded the Xal-Ease Drop Dispenser from Pfizer Ophthalmics with an Ease-of-Use Commendation, in recognition of the product's design benefits for people suffering from arthritis. The dispenser, for use with Xalatan (latanoprost ophthalmic solution), was found to help patients place drops of the solution in their eyes. Xalatan is indicated for the reduction of elevated intraocular pressure in patients with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. For more information visit

One-day Acuvue Disposable Lenses

Vistakon's new one-day disposable Acuvue Moist contact lenses with lacreon technology are being introduced at some U.S. eye care professionals' offices, with distribution expected to grow in the coming months, the company says.

The lacreon technology keeps the lenses moist and comfortable all day, while offering the convenience benefits of daily disposable contact lenses, the company says. The lenses block about 82 percent of UV-A radiation and 97 percent of UV-B radiation. The lenses have been cleared by the FDA for use in patients who suffer symptoms associated with ocular allergies during lens wear.

For more information visit