Bauch & Lomb IS offering a website to support its Sofport Advanced Optics spherical-aberration-free aspheric intraocular lens, and its Sofport Easy-Load lens delivery system. The site features animated demonstrations that highlight the features and benefits of the B&L Sofport system, including the IOL's unique design, biocompatility, decentration analysis, potential optical performance and lens placement into the Easy­-Load inserter.

The Sofport is a foldable silicone IOL with PMMA haptics and a 360-degree square-edge op­tical profile to reduce the incidence of poster­ior capsule opacification. The Easy-Load Del­i­v­ery System allows surgeons to load the Sofport IOL into the inserter without touching or aligning the lens with forceps, providing a more reliable insertion, while minimizing mis­hand­­ling and damage to the lens. Visit the website at or call 1 (800) 338-2020.


Pterygium Debulking Scissors from Rhein

Rhein Medical's Mansur-Aran graft harvesting and pterygium debulking scissors, de­v­eloped with Arnulfo V. Mansur, MD, and Alberto J Aran, are designed to reduce pro­ce­dure time in pte­rygium sur­gery. Allowing pr­e­cision separation bet­ween the con­jun­ctiva and ex­cis­ed fi­b­­rous tissue, the scis­sors offer ex­ce­l­lent dissection ca­p­a­bilities, especially for tough fib­rous tissue at the pterygium base, ac­cording to Rhein. The scissors feature sharp inner blades for rapid cutting of fibrous tissue and special ergonomic acting rounded blade tips for precision graft harvesting. Reusable, autoclaveable and made in the United States, the scissors carry a lifetime guarantee. For a 30-day surgical evaluation, or for more information, contact Rhein Medical at 1 (800) 637-4346.

Newly Enhanced HRT3 from Heidelberg

Heidelberg Engineering GmbH introduces the Heidelberg Retina Tomograph 3 (HRT3), a newly enhanced version of its flagship product for the assessment, diagnosis and management of glaucoma. The HRT3 uses laser technology to pro­duce a topogra­p­h­ical image of a pa­tient's optic nerve, pre­senting an ob­jective analysis of the structure's cup, rim and re­tinal nerve fiber layer.

New features in­c­l­ude the Fast Check Glaucoma Pro­bability Score, which Heid­el­berg says provides a statistical probability of glaucoma using ethnic-specific databases. The software eliminates the need to draw con­tour lines or use reference planes and provides real-time feedback to the operator for capturing a quality image. The HRT3 is a portable laptop-based system that can be stored in a compact carrying case. The company expects to begin shipping the HRT3 in the last quarter of 2005. For more information call 1 (800) 931-2230 or visit


Gulden Introduces Two New Prisms

Gulden Ophthalmics announces a new line of prism products that provide significant advantages in the diagnosis, correction, and prescribing of therapy for low visual acuity. Utilizing Com­prism technology, (a composite de­sign that contains optical components that act as corrective elements when used as a prism) Gulden's Correct-a-Prizm offers a convenient way to convert ex­isting prisms to Comprisms by in­serting a 37-mm square prism in the unit. The Correct-a-Prizm­bar easily attaches to any standard prism bar without tools and can be used to dramatically improve the performance of an existing prism bar by converting the prism segments to Comprisms.

Both products come with optical, removable yellow light filters, which improve the optical performance for most users. The filter is especially useful for low-vision patients, or those suffering from blue-glare sensitivity. A standard red filter may be substituted for the yellow filter for subjective measurements of deviations. Each unit adds 2 prism D to each prism power. The Correct-a-prizm improves the optical performance of high power prisms, and provides a convenient way of holding and presenting the prisms to patients, thereby reducing fingerprint marks on the prisms. Visit for more information.


New Binocular Accommodation Tool from AIT

AIT Industries introduces the WAM-5500 Binocular Accom­mod­ation Tool, which uses a nat­ural binocular field of vision for both distant and near point measurements. The WAM-5500 im­­­proves upon the
co­­­­m­­pany's earlier WR5100-K, by ad­d­­ing the ability to mea­sure pupil dia­meter and increasing the measurement speed to four measurements a second. The company re­ports that the WAM-5500 is the perfect tool for accommodation diagnosis of an IOL. For more in­for­mation, call 1 (800) 729-1959 or visit

FCI Introduces Long-Term Plug

FCI Ophthalmics' Prolong Plug is a long-term pun­ctal plug, sup­plementing the company's line of short-term collagen plugs and non-dissolvable Ready-Set Punctum Plugs.

Prolong plugs are de­sig­ned to provide patient comfort for up to three months. The company says the plug is ef­f­ective and economical for transient dry-eye symptoms following surgery and beneficial for post-LASIK dry-eye management. The Pro­long plug is composed of an ab­s­or­bable copolymer material and comes in three sizes: 0.3-mm, 0.4-mm and 0.5-mm diameters. Each is 2.0 mm long. The plugs are packaged in same sizes or in a variety pack of all three sizes. For more information, call 1 (800) 932-4202 or visit


New 5-D Magnification Lens from Derungs

Derungs Medical Lighting's RLLE-122 ring magnification task light offers a permanent 5-D optical quality magnification lens with an electronic ballast built into the arm for increased energy efficiency and quiet, flicker-free illumination.

The light is designed with two arm reaches that adapt to a variety of ap­plication requirements. The RLLE's standard 17.5-inch top arm offers a 37-inch extended reach, while the longer 24-inch top arm extends to 43.5 inches. The product also offers a 4-D "drop-in" ADD-X lens which increases the light's power to 9 D (3.25 X). A lens cover protects against dust and scratches, and the inside of the light head houses a 22-watt lamp that provides even light distribution to the work surface and 12,000 hours of lamp life. For more information about Derung's medical lighting, visit


Optos and Eyemaginations Create Educational Materials

Ophthalmic retinal imaging company Optos Inc. ann­ounces a strategic alliance with in­teractive design and mu­ltimedia firm, Eye­maginations Inc. to provide eye-care patient education materials. The first joint project from the companies is an educational animat­ed video explaining the Opto­map Retinal Exam, which will be incorporated in­to Eye­mag­inations' 3D-Eye Office software. The animation helps eye-care pra­ctitioners and their staff mem­­­­bers clarify procedures and educate pa­tients about key components of their oc­u­lar health. For more in­for­mation, visit or

O2OPTIX Expands CL Parameters

O2OPTIX silicone hydrogel contact len­ses are now available in minus po­wers from -0.25 D to -8 D in 0.25-D steps, and from -8.50 D to -10 D in 0.5-D steps. In October, plus powers from +0.25 D to +6 D in 0.25 D steps will be added. With the addition of these new parameters, O2OPTIX con­tact lenses will cover 94 percent of sph­erical vision-corrected eyes. Visit for more information.