Bausch + Lomb’s Stellaris
PC Vision Enhancement System received 510(k) clearance from the Food and Drug Administration for the integrated 532-nm laser and software. With this new capability, the Stellaris PC now provides one of the most complete ophthalmic surgical systems for posterior segment, anterior segment and combined procedures, the company says.

With this advance, the Stellaris PC now offers the following advantages to surgeon’s facilities:
  • A fully integrated 532-nm green laser, which is upgradable for existing Stellaris PC Vision Enhancement Systems, and connects within the sterile field. 
  • A first-of-its-kind wireless, dual linear foot pedal that features integrated laser control and improved design offering greater versatility and flexibility for procedural needs. The pedal and ergonomic foot rest improve comfort for longer procedures by reducing pitch. An optional LIO foot pedal, cable and headset are also available. 
  • A full portfolio of multi-function laser fibers that meet a wide range of procedural needs, including straight, curved, illuminated and aspirating probes with a soft tip for added security when working close to the retina.
  • A redesigned interface and laser control software that offer improved clarity, enhanced contrast and ease of use for both surgeons and staff. 
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Ocusoft Continues to Add to New Cosmetic Line

Ocusoft Inc. has announced
its continued expansion into the skin-care field with the launch of Zoria Recovery Bruise and Scar Cream, specially formulated to promote healing and minimize the unsightly postoperative effects of eyelid/facial surgical procedures or bruising from injections. Thepatent-pending formula contains a unique blend of ingredients that support the skin’s natural healing process, including arnica to reduce bruising, vitamin K (phytonadione) to minimize skin discoloration, escin (from horse chestnut) to improve circulation and moisturizers to hydrate delicate, dry skin. Simply apply on affected areas prior to and immediately after the procedure or injury and reapply as needed.

Zoria Recovery Bruise and Scar Cream will only be promoted through physician specialties at a discounted price to encourage direct dispensing to patients.

Orders may be placed through Ocusoft’s customer service number below or from local Ocusoft representatives. The Zoria Cosmetics line includes Zoria Boost Lash Intensifying Serum and Zoria Mascara for sensitive eyes.
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Nidek Microscope Granted
FDA Clearance
Nidek received 510(k) clearance for its CEM-530 Specular Microscope. Nidek says the instrument, with auto-tracking capability, acquires images of the corneal endothelium and provides analysis quickly and easily.
Features include paracentral specular microscopy as well as peripheral images; two-second auto analysis; automatic indication of the optimal image; 3-D auto tracking; auto shot; a tiltable touch screen; and a built-in printer.

The paracentral images are captured at eight points at a five-degree visual angle within a 0.25 mm x 0.55 mm field and enable enhanced assessment surrounding the central image.

Sixteen images are captured and automatically sorted based on quality.

Once the best image is selected, complete analysis is automatically performed in two seconds. The analysis screen allows visualization of the endothelial cells in four modes: trace; photo; area; and apex. This enables the clinician to verify analysis values with the corresponding cell images. An LED light source is used for illumination, which reduces power consumption and lasts longer.

The CEM-350 can seamlessly integrate with most EMR systems without the need for an additional computer or software. For information, visit

Gulden Website Offers Instructional Videos
Gulden Ophthalmics has introduced a new series of instructive videos that are easily accessed on the Gulden website. The videos cover a range of solutions to many ophthalmic diagnostics testing, surgical and challenging situations in eye care, using cost-saving and time-saving tools and techniques.

Topics include:
  • Saving surgical costs and time with sterilized, surgery-ready spheres and conformers.
  • Practicing ophthalmic procedures and demonstrating products with Practice Eyes.
  • Using eye models to demonstrate and instruct patients and staff.
  • Testing color deficiencies using D-15 testing tools.
  • Practicing indirect ophthalmoscopy and photocoagulation with the Reti Eye tool.
  • Elevating and treating patients’ eyelids with an eyelid plate expression tool.
  • Cleaning tonometer tips effectively and easily.
  • Helping patients treat dry eye and lagophthalmos without messy tape glue.
  • A simple and inexpensive way to measure PD with a new digital PD Ruler.
  • Overcoming the disadvantages of previous near cards that are prone to wear and tear, aging and yellowing and scratches, and require a lamp or illumination source with an Illuminated Near Card.
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