Heidelberg Engineering has launched its newly updated website. New and enhanced features improve the ease of information retrieval and provide enhanced clinician and operator education for all Heidelberg Engineering products.

The site includes: an in-depth look at the proprietary technologies behind each instrument including HRT Glaucoma, Retina and Cornea modules, Spectralis HRA, Spectralis OCT and Spectralis HRA + OCT; image and movie libraries that demonstrate disease progression and pathologies over time, using different modes and functions; animations and videos that explain how each device delivers results that enable better clinical decisions; and expanded education, support, reimbursement and clinical application pages. Visit Heidelbergengineering.com.


LowBrowse Eases Access to Web Pages

Lighthouse International has announced an new add-on software tool that will enable millions of people worldwide with low vision to access previously inaccessible web pages. While existing programs enable blind people to access the web effectively, LowBrowse is the first program to enable people with moderate or severe low vision to both view web pages as the original web author intended and read the text on those pages tailored to their own visual needs, Lighthouse reports. The program runs in conjunction with the Mozilla Firefox browser, will be offered at no charge and is expected to be available to the public for download via the Firefox add-on site in late summer or early fall of 2008.

LowBrowse allows users to configure their preferences (using a very simple procedure) for font, text size, color contrast and letter spacing. Once the configuration is set, no further adjustments will be needed on any web pages, including pages with photos and graphics. The program makes searching and skimming web pages for specific information much easier than other accessible software. Semantic text features such as "link" color, italics and boldface are preserved in the special reading frame. Users can easily enlarge images simply by holding down a button and wiggling the mouse.

Users with severe low vision can use LowBrowse's speech capability. Lighthouse says the program is user-friendly, with few commands, making it perfect for computer novices as well as tech-savvy users. For information, call 1 (800) 829-0500 or visit lighthouse.org.


Refreshing Allergy Relief

Allergan has expanded the Refresh brand product offering with the addition of Refresh Eye Itch Relief (ketotifen fumarate ophthalmic solution), an over-the-counter eye drop for patients with itchy eyes due to allergies. Refresh Eye Itch Relief features a triple-action formula that provides a potent antihistamine effect to offer relief in minutes; mast-cell stabilization to sustain relief for up to 12 hours; and eosinophil inhibition to prevent late phase allergic reaction. Refresh Eye Itch Relief is safe for adults and children ages 3 and older, says Allergan. With the addition of Refresh Eye Itch Relief, the brand now includes preserved and non-preserved artificial tears, contact rewetting drops, ointments, redness relief eye drops and allergy relief eye drops. Visit refreshbrand.com.