Heidelberg Engineering has released a new version of its HRT Glaucoma Module Premium Edition software. Version 3.1 includes enhancements to the glaucoma progression report and is being provided as a free update to current users of version 3.0. Specific updates to the OU report for follow-up examinations include the Topographic Change Analysis, providing quicker access to information on the progression of glaucomatous damage on one easy-to-view report.

Other new features include updates to the existing screen displays, stereometric parameters and data management. Also, the stereometric data may be easily exported in Excel format from any results window tab. For information, call 1 (800) 9312230, or visit heidelbergengineering.com.


New Descemet Stripper Instruments

Rhein Medical's new Steinert DSEK Descemet Stripper has an upward-angled, sandblasted ball tip designed to achieve one of the goals of DSEK: a smooth recipient posterior cornea for a better interface for the donor. The instrument, developed in coordination with Roger F. Steinert, MD, is available in non-irrigating or irrigating versions.

The Steinert DSEK Descemet Stripper has a sandblasted ball tip to create traction to strip Descemet's membrane, but the smooth ball tip will not damage posterior stroma unlike many Descemet membrane removers  which can injure the smooth posterior corneal surface.

The instrument is reusable, autoclaveable, made in the USA, guaranteed for life, and available for a 30-day surgical evaluation without obligation. Contact Rhein Medical at (813) 885-5050.


Redesigned M3 from Marco

Marco's newly redesigned M3, automatic refractor, keratometer and non-contact tonometer offers several enhanced features such as a smaller footprint, to save even more space, and a new exterior design, but most importantly, the M3 now uses SLD (Super Luminescent Diode) and a highly sensitive CCD device to provide Zonal Ring-Image Technology. This makes it possible now to accurately measure patients with cataracts, corneal opacities, intraocular lenses and those who are post-LASIK, the company says.

The M3 remains totally automatic when aligning, tracking, and focusing on the patient's eye, and possesses the same automatic fogging system that minimizes accommodation throughout the exam. The tiltable screen, motorized chin rest and easy load paper make the M3 user friendly, as well. The M3 will interface with other Marco Refraction Systems within your practice and interface with most EMR companies.

For information, call 1 (800) 874-5274 or visit marco.com.