Keeler says its
40H slit-lamp has been designed to deliver Keeler’s proven optics and quality construction in an elegant and contemporary design.

The 40H optical system uses Galilean converging binoculars and a rotating five-step drum that offers up to x40 magnification. The tower illumination and slit projection system has continuously variable slit widths between 0 and 12mm. Blue, red-free and neutral density filters and an integral diffuser provide a good visual of the whole eye at low magnification. To assess for uveitis, a 1-mm square graticule is included within the aperture selections.

The controls are placed for ease of use. An integral yellow barrier filter is conveniently housed in the optics block, which is easily pushed in place when you are looking to detect subtle corneal staining. 

The illumination is controlled by a rheostat positioned adjacent to the gliding joystick. The systems come in standard Halogen lamp or LED illumination, which lowers lifetime ownership costs. Keeler also offers a range of optional and diagnostic accessories, including R and T type KAT (Keeler Applanation Tonometer) tonometers, for use with the 40H slit-lamp. 

For information, visit; email; call 1 (800) 523-5620; or contact an authorized dealer.

Sequenom Teams with Nicox to Market RetnaGene AMD Test
Nicox S.A. and Sequenom
Inc. have entered into an exclusive agreement in the age-related macular degeneration field. As part of this agreement, Nicox has been granted the North American promotional rights to the Sequenom Laboratories RetnaGene AMD laboratory-developed test, for the evaluation of a patient’s risk of AMD disease progression within two, five and 10 years. The RetnaGene AMD test will be promoted by the same Nicox U.S. sales force, which recently launched Sjö, an advanced diagnostic panel for the early detection of Sjögren’s syndrome. Nicox expects to begin promoting the RetnaGene AMD test in the United States in the first half of 2014. 

The manufacturer says the RetnaGene AMD test is an accurate, safe and noninvasive test that uses a DNA sample collected from a cheek swab. The patient’s risk of progressing to advanced choroidal neovascular disease is assessed based on four risk factors: genotype, phenotype (severity of the existing symptoms), age and environment (smoking status). Up to 70 percent of disease risk is inherited and predominantly caused by variations in a handful of genes discovered over the last five to 10 years. Most of the affected genes have been identified in regulatory proteins contained within the alternative complement system involved in innate immunity. 

The RetnaGene AMD test includes all of the major single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that have been proven to have the most significant effect on the risk of developing advanced AMD disease. It is the only test with 100 percent of SNPs validated using the Age-Related Eye Disease Study patient samples, one of the largest clinical trials on AMD. The results of the test will provide a clinician with an individual’s risk score for progression to CNV, in order to optimize patient management with the goal of preserving vision.

Portable Ophthalmic Imaging with Pictor Plus

Volk Optical’s Pictor Plus handheld imager delivers convenient portable ophthalmic imaging in any setting. High-resolution images of the retina and anterior segment can now be captured during non-office exams—on non-ambulatory patient visits, at off-site clinics and during field work.

The Pictor Plus weighs in at just 1 pound and fits easily with its accessories into a small briefcase. High-quality jpeg images easily upload via Wi-Fi to computer, are compatible with most major imaging software programs and are adaptable to any patient database system. Patient ID entry assigns unique identifiers to each file, which can be used for patient records or shared for remote diagnosis and consultation. 

The Pictor Plus includes two modules for retina and anterior-segment imaging. The retinal module provides a 40-degree field of view of the fundus. Nine fixation points target different regions of the retina. Using a non-mydriatic imaging method, the device can easily image pupils as small as 3 mm. The anterior module images the eye surface and has a series of cobalt blue LEDs for fluorescent imaging. 

For information or to arrange a free three-week trial (U.S. only), visit, call Volk direct at (440) 942-6161, or contact your authorized Volk distributor.

Lacrivera Announces Launch of Dry-Eye Line
Lacrivera has launched
a dry-eye line, including the VeraPlug Punctal Occluder. The VeraPlug is a premium product offering excellent retention and patient comfort and will be available in Sterile Pre-loaded and Non-Sterile Bulk packagings. Other products include VeraC7 Collagen, Vera90 Extended Wear Plug, diagnostic tests and additional products that help to treat dry-eye patients. Visit for more information.  REVIEW