The Nevyas Operative Keratometer, with a 360-degree fixation target, is now available from Varitronics Inc. to aid with the conductive keratoplasty procedure. Its new design incorporates a tiny mobile blinking fixation target light that is visible to the surgeon who centers it in the field of one microscope ocular to provide precise centration of the CK treatment ring around the pupil. The company says this minimizes the induction of astigmatism. Varitronics says this instrument is also useful at the end of the CK procedure in determining the ideal position for "bonus" spots. Call 1 (800) 345-1244 or visit their website,

Software Allows Comparison
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG announces the release of a Macular Thickness Normative Data software program, a licensed feature of the Stratus OCT Version 4.0 software, newly cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. The Macular Thickness Normative Data software allows practitioners to compare a patient's macular thickness with clinically validated normative data, in order to more effectively assess the patient's condition upon presentation and monitor pathology relative to normal values. Patient data analyzed with this software package can be integrated with the patient's data from Zeiss's VISUPAC Digital Image and Archive Management System Version 4.0, which contains fundus images and angiography. Zeiss says that by combining both sets of data into a side-by-side display, practitioners are able to see all perspectives of the retina as they diagnose and manage their patient's condition. Visit

Rhein Makes Its Mark

Rhein Medical announces the new Geggel Corneal Transplant Markers, developed in coordination with Harry S. Geggel, MD. These markers are available with 16 or 24 circular inner and outer teeth, with an inner 6.5-mm diameter and an outer 9.5-mm diameter. The markers are designed to mark the donor and recipient corneas in one single step for a 16 or 24 running bite suture placement. Each marker places inner and outer points on the cornea to achieve a precise and rapid 16 or 24 bite anti-torque closure. The special center pointer provides precise centralized alignment for symmetrical suture placement. Contact Rhein Medical at (813) 885-5050 or visit

Share RTA Data
The new RTA viewer software from Talia Technology allows exams from the company's Retinal Thickness Analyzer to be viewed throughout the office network and shared with other medical offices. Talia says that any PC loaded with the viewer software can view a patient's reports, redraw the contour line, analyze scans, view slit images, generate new or alternative reports, print reports and images, and load 3D images, among other actions. Call
1 (800) 214-2030 or visit

Fixate on Rainbow Sticks

Gulden Ophthalmics calls its set of Color Fixation Sticks a time-saving tool for testing ocular motility and confrontation visual fields. The set includes fixation sticks in five colors (white, red, blue, green, yellow) and a handy pocket leather case. Call 1 (800) 659-2250 or visit their website,

Toric Lenses Join the Line
The Vertex Toric XR joins CooperVision's line of contact lenses. The new disposable lens features an extended range of cylinder parameters to fit a wider population of astigmatic patients. The Vertex Toric XR fits patients who require a -2.75 D, -3.25 D or -3.75 D cylinder correction. All cylinders are available in zero to 180-degree axes in five-degree steps. The XR's sphere power ranges from +6 D to -8 D. The lenses are available in packs of six and are made to order in five business days to meet specific patient needs. Visit

Pachymeter Speaks Out
The lightweight and portable AccuPach V Pachymeter from Accutome Inc. features a user-friendly monochrome LCD touch screen and a synthesized voice that announces readings aloud. It uses a 10.5 MHz composite probe, and the unit has an optional printer that records the date and time. The user can enter measured intraocular pressure into the unit and it will provide corrected IOP based on corneal thickness measurements. It will display the average and standard deviation for up to nine measurements per eye. The AccuPach V's high-resolution, real-time waveform analysis acquires more than 4,000 points per measurement waveform. Its automatic gain control acquires the optimum signal. Call 1 (800) 979-2020 or visit

Sensar in Low-D Range
Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. launches an extended low-diopter range of its Sensar with OptiEdge intraocular lens. Already available in the +6-D to +30-D diopter range, the Sensar is now being offered from -10 D through +5.5 D, in 0.5-diopter increments. AMO says that the OptiEdge design, introduced three years ago, provides 360-degree capsular contact, accomplished with the squared posterior edge. In addition, the rounded anterior edge reduces internal reflections by scattering light, while the sloping edge minimizes the potential for edge glare. Visit

Making Cuts Consistent
Eagle Laboratories premieres its Gold Premium Surgical Knives, a premium blade line offering a consistent cutting edge. Eagle Labs says the instruments are single-use only and economically priced. Call 1 (800) 782-6534 or visit their website,

One-Hand Prechopper
The Lu Phaco Prechopper, available from Katena Products, is a single-handed cross-action instrument that allows nucleus division during phaco through a small incision without the need for sculpting. According to the instrument's designer, Luis Lu, MD, this PreChopper (K5-7235) can be used for a standard 2.8-mm incision as well as through a 1.4-mm micro-incision. The reverse curve of the blades follows the anatomical contour of the bag to prevent injury to the posterior capsule, while its sharp tips facilitate easy insertion into the core of the nucleus. For more information, call (973) 989-1600 or view product information on  their website,