Rhein Medical has launched its new line of reusable or disposable knives. The knives have special glass handles that can withstand an autoclave. The blades are super sharp, and consist of keratomes, limited-depth and paracentesis blades. The keratomes include parallel and trapezoidal configurations, and incorporate Rhein’s patented 3-D design. The 3-D feature causes the incision to contort during creation, providing a more torturous path for fluid egression. The result is a better self-sealing incision. Packaged six per box, the knives can be reused over and over. The trapezoidal keratomes have a special mark exactly 2 mm from the distal segment to assist the surgeon in incision construction. Competitively priced, the new blades will reduce your operating costs significantly, with improved results, the company says.

Rhein also introduced its new Nichamin Femto Chopper, developed in coordination with Louis D. Nichamin, MD. The unique distal tip is specifically designed to fit into femto laser-created cleavage planes. The tip angulation and bend promote effortless separation of laser-fragmented sections; a special ergonomic design facilitates intraocular manipulation and helps to prevent instability from sideport leakage, enhancing anterior chamber stability. The reusable, autoclavable chopper is guaranteed for life and available for a no -obligation surgical evaluation.

Contact Rhein Medical for information on either product at (727) 209-2244.

Tomey Unveils RC-800 AutoRefractor/Keratometer
Tomey has launched its RC-800 AutoRefractor/Keratometer. The device features a color touch screen with auto shot function and a high-speed printer. The intuitive touch-screen operation measures not only refraction and keratometry but also the diameter of the cornea and pupil. The company reports the device is vastly more affordable and equivalently accurate to other competitive models.

For refraction, fogging is applied automatically for each measurement for more accurate results. And keratometry measurements provide enough information for contact lens fitting. For information call 1 (888) 449-4045 or visit tomeyusa.com.

Haag-Streit Teams with Sony to Produce High-def, 3D Surgery
Haag-Streit USA will begin offering Sony Electronics’ medical grade 3D video camera, video recorder and displays with Haag-Streit USA’s line of surgical microscopes. The high-definition, medically compliant equipment is designed to enable surgeons and clinicians to capture, record and display 3D video in the operating room, providing the ability to share the procedure in 3D in real time and for playback later.

The equipment, specifically designed for ophthalmic and neurosurgery applications, includes the MCC-3000MT camera that can be easily mounted on most surgical microscopes, and the new HVO-3000MT recorder designed to record surgical footage in 3D. Together with the LMD-2451MT 24-inch display and the LMD-3251MT 32-inch display, this system is the ideal solution for recording and displaying microsurgery procedures in 3D, the company says. For information, visit haag-streit-usa.com or sony.com/3dforsurgery REVIEW