The Association of Technical Personnel in Ophthalmology has announced the partnership of an improved ophthalmic job board and recruitment service at The partnership, involving ATPO, Local Eye Site and JCAHPO, will offer job-seekers and recruiters in eye care a one-stop location and experience to service a wide range of employment needs.

The ATPO/LES job board features:
    • online application posting/processing;
    • instant submission; ads and applications are posted immediately;
    • search by state and by position;
    • Connect2Hire, which offers the technology to e-mail your openings out to thousands of job-seeking candidates that match your qualifications and criteria; and
    • massive exposure; the LES network of ophthalmic websites attracts roughly 100,000 visitors each month.

This new service will be available to JCAHPO certificants and ATPO members through links on their respective websites. This new one-stop location to find ophthalmic personnel will be a great value to clinics and facilities all over the United States and Canada.

Since its founding in 2007, LES has experienced tremendous growth. A partnership with Jobson Medical Information [publisher of Review of Ophthalmology] announced in the summer of 2010 greatly enhanced the scope of the LES Power Network, a collection of eye-care sites with job portals powered by LES. The addition of Jobson Medical and ATPO brings the total number of sites in the LES network to 14.

“Our partnership with ATPO and JCAHPO represents an important step in Local Eye Site’s development as the engine that powers online recruiting in eye care,” said Brad McCorkle, founder of LES. “Ophthalmic technicians are clearly vital to an oph- thalmic practice’s ability to provide quality care, and ATPO and JCAHPO are synonymous with technicians and education. This partnership will provide ophthalmic practices with a novel, user-friendly and powerfully effective way to staff their clinics.”

ATPO represents a diverse group of OMP, including (but not limited to) ophthalmic assistants, technicians, technologists, surgical and keratorefractive techs, photographers, nurses and orthoptists. ATPO’s mission is to provide, expand and support scientific and educational opportunities for allied health personnel in ophthalmology, and to act as an advocate for its members and the profession.

Filter Set Increases Visibility Of Vital Stains

Gulden Ophthalmics has introduced a new twin filter set that enhances the visibility of vital stains such as fluorescein and lissamine green. The Ohlson Vital Stain Enhancement Filter Set is a yellow and red filter side-by-side set that is typically used in front of a slit lamp.

Compact, convenient, and always ready for use, the filter set easily fits into a pocket. The yellow filter can be used to enhance the visibility of the fluorescein pattern in the examination of the fit of rigid gas permeable contact lenses and high molecular weight fluorescein examination with silicone hydrogel contact lenses. The red filter is used for red lens test and to enhance lissamine green examination diagnosis and assessment of dry-eye conditions for both contact lens wearers and non wearers by increasing the visibility of lissamine green staining on the bulbar conjunctiva. The filter set comes in a “flip-out” designed case that prevents scratching of the filters. The filters and case measure 3 inches in diameter.

For information, call (215) 884-8105 or visit

B + L Adds to Single-Use
Vitreoretinal Instrument Line
Bausch + Lomb Storz Ophthalmic Instruments is launching several new products to expand its line of single-use vitreoretinal instrumentation in the United States. The additional products extend the single-use line to include a broad range of 23- and 25-ga. vitreoretinal instrument designs.

The first is a Passive Aspiration Handpiece, in both 23-ga. and 25-ga. This instrument is packaged ready for use with an attached soft tip cannula for passive aspiration of fluid during intraocular procedures. The soft, silicone tip of the cannula is designed to provide atraumatic aspiration capabilities.

Also available is a Membrane Pick with a 130-degree angled tip and non-glare finish on the shaft of the instrument. This item can be ordered in both 23-ga. and 25-ga.

In addition, B + L Storz offers the 23-ga. MVR Knife designed for insertion through the 23-ga. cannula, and two new 25-ga. Bipolar Pencils, one with a tapered tip and one with a blunt tip, both with a two-pin connection.
For information, visit