The Alio Micro Scissors by Katena (K4-5351) are designed with extremely delicate, blunt-tipped blades for cutting synechia, performing small pupil iridotomies or enlarging a capsular bag. The company says the curved 23-ga. shaft allows the scissors to be used through a paracentesis, while the lightweight, titanium squeeze-handle mechanism gives the surgeon precise control of the tips during surgery. Call (973) 989-1600 or visit

One Knife, Two Uses
The dual purpose design of the Sharpoint ClearTrap Knife provides the ability to accomplish clear corneal and implant incisions with one knife, says Surgical Specialties Corp. A wide range of sizes is available: 2.5-2.9 mm through 3.2-3.75 mm. Call 1-800-523-3332 or visit them on the Web at

One Tool for Any Nucleus
ASICO's Akahoshi Combo Prechopper (AE-4284) can be used for nuclei of any hardness from grade 1-4. Its rounded, blunt edge is suitable for prechopping a soft nucleus (grade 1 or 2), while the flat, sharp edge can be inserted into a relatively hard nucleus (grade 3), says the company. By sustaining the nucleus with a nuclear manipulator (AE-2530), hard nucleus (grade 4) can be prechopped by this item's sharp edge. Call (630) 986-8032 or visit

Post-procedure Protection
Rollens Professional Products adds the Rollens Gold (amber lens) to its line of wrap-around eye shields. These post-mydriatic sunglasses have a contour shape that fits closely around the head and ears, offering protection from side glare, bright light and dust. They permit a 7 percent light transmission yet provide 100 percent blockage of UV rays. Call 1-800-898-7474 or visit

Portable Visual Technology
For low-vision patients who desire a portable option in visual assistance, En-hanced Vision Systems offers the Flipperport. It combines a high resolution camera that captures the image and a pair of lightweight glasses that display the magnified image. Magnification equals 6x - 40x near; 1x - 24x distance. The Flipperport is battery operated, rechargeable, and can be connected to a TV or computer monitor for at-home use. Call 1-800-440-9476 or visit

Confidential Appointments
SpectraSoft's AppointmentsPRO Version 8.0 is a Windows-based software product designed to manage complex appointment scheduling and resource management tasks. Version 8.0 supports the Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act through new password settings, record archiving and a "hide" screen option. Call 1-800-889-0450 or visit

Portable Green Laser

The Novus Spectra joins the Lumenis suite of minimally invasive ophthalmic laser products and accessories. Approved for treatment of a variety of retinal conditions, the Novus Spectra is a 532-nm green diode-pumped, solid-state photocoagulation laser. The company says the system weighs less than 18 pounds and can deliver up to 2.5 watts of power through semi-conductor-based technology. Call 1-800-635-1313 or visit