Rapid Pathogen Screening announced that the Food and Drug Administration has cleared InflammaDry, a rapid, disposable, in-office test to aid in the diagnosis of dry-eye disease, for sale in the United States.

InflammaDry is the only rapid, in-office test to detect matrix metalloproteinase 9, a clinically relevant inflammatory marker that is consistently elevated in the tears of patients with dry-eye disease, the company says. The test plays an essential role in accurately diagnosing dry-eye disease, as clinical signs of the condition resemble other eye ailments and are not always directly related to patient complaints.

InflammaDry is a single-use test that requires no additional equipment to administer or interpret results. Using a small sample of human tears, the simple, four-step process takes less than two minutes to complete and can be performed by a technician during a patient’s initial workup. Results are available for the clinician in just 10 minutes, allowing a treatment plan to be established with the patient during her initial office visit.

The 510(k) clearance allows the InflammaDry test to be used in physician offices that are certified to perform moderately complex tests under the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. The InflammaDry test will also be submitted to FDA for CLIA waiver review. If granted, a waived status would allow the test to be used in any CLIA-waived physician office. For more information, visit InflammaDry.com or call (941) 556-1850.

New Rhein Compression Forceps

Rhein Medical has introduced the Batlle Eyelid Compression Forceps (Product #08-01718), developed in coordination with Juan F. Batlle, MD. The instrument is designed with a mirror polished paddle on one side, and a mirror polished round appendage on the other side. The paddle is inserted into the inside of the eyelid, and the round appendage on the outside of the eyelid.When compressed, the instrument forces meibum to be expressed out of the glands. The instrument is guaranteed for life, made in the United States, autoclavable and available for a surgical evaluation without obligation. For information, contact Rhein Medical at (727) 209-2244.

CareCredit Mobile Account Management for Smartphones

CareCredit has launched an optimized mobile site designed to provide a secure, user-friendly experience for smartphone users.

The enhanced site allows patients to conduct a variety of mobile account-management functions, including:
 • accessing account summary with a single user name and password;
 • making payments and viewing payment history;
 • enrolling in and viewing e-statements;
 • viewing transaction history;
 • updating personal information; and
 • adding/changing bank information.

With more than 1 million unique visitors each month to carecred it.com and more than 560,000 monthly searches on CareCredit’s online Provider Locator, the optimized mobile site provides another way for people to conveniently access the information they need about CareCredit when they need it. The enhanced site works on all major mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. Users can access the optimized mobile service by visiting gogecapital.com/carecredit from their smartphone.