Topcon has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration for its 3D OCT-1000, the world's first Fourier-domain OCT combined with a color non-mydriatic retinal camera. It provides high-resolution, cross-sectional imaging of the retina, aiding in the diagnosis of pathologies such as retinal detachments, macular holes, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. It features a true three-dimensional view of the mapped area and accurate Pin-Point retinal registration of the OCT image and the fundus image, according to the company.

For information, call (201) 599-5100 or visit


Storz Chopper and Smoother

Bausch & Lomb's E2040 Carlson DSEK Smoother, by Alan N. Carlson, MD, features a ball-shaped tip designed to press on the corneal surface after a graft is implanted to remove fluid between the recipient bed and the DSEK graft. The ET0734 Wallace Guardian Chopper, designed by R. Bruce Wallace III, MD, has a gently angled blunt tip for effective chopping while protecting the posterior capsule. The instrument features an angled shaft for ease of manipulation and titanium construction for durability and low glare. Call 1 (800) 338-2020 or visit


Ex-PRESS Inserter from Optonol

Optonol has developed the Ex-PRESS Delivery System, an instrument for simple insertion of the Ex-PRESS mini glaucoma shunt. The EDS eliminates the need for manual removal of the Ex-PRESS from the introducer after insertion. It features a precise mechanism of action allowing for reproducible implantation technique and an easy-release tip allowing for gentle device placement. The single-use injector takes only seconds to load the shunt, simplifying the procedure. Call 1 (877) 707-3937 or visit


Ocuvite DF Vitamin Supplement

Bausch & Lomb has introduced the Ocuvite DF eye vitamin supplement, developed specifically for diabetics to maintain eye health. The supplement contains an antioxidant called genistein, which, in combination with other essential nutrients and antioxidants such as alpha-lipoic acid, combats free radicals and reduces oxidative stress resulting from high blood sugar levels, B&L says. For information, call 1 (800) 553-5340 or visit


Tomey's Specular Microscope

Tomey's new EM-3000 specular microscope offers a state-of-the-art color touch-screen for ease of operations and speedy results, according to the company. The device measures corneal thickness and takes sharp, clear images of the endothelium. The microscope has an internal computer that automatically analyzes the cells and displays the morphology in a unique color image. It can send data to a photo printer, server or both. Call 1 (888) 449-4045 or visit


Rhein Sounds a Trumpet

Rhein's Dudley Trumpet Manipulator, developed in coordination with Stephen S. Dudley, MD, has a 45-degree angle with a 10-mm shaft, and is available in stainless steel. The distal segment flares out into a trumpet shape, offering broad surface area with which to push, pull and dilate a nucleus or nucleus fragments. The tip is concave, usable for a multitude of maneuvers. The instrument fits easily through a 1-mm paracentesis incision and can be used to manipulate haptics into the bag. It is reusable, autoclaveable and guaranteed for life with a no-obligation 30-day surgical evaluation. Call (813) 885-5050.


Marco Debuts LCD Acuity Chart

The Marco SC-2000 LCD Acuity Chart System functions as a dedicated refracting device with an emphasis on precise visual acuities and visual aesthetics while incorporating elements of automated LCD technology. With a high-resolution, 19-inch screen, the system features 35 individual chart selections and automated functions controlled by a user-friendly infrared remote. Masking features allow the examiner to isolate and maneuver horizontal and vertical lines, as well as individual characters. Letters and characters can also be randomized on any horizontally isolated acuity line.

The SC-2000 offers a comprehensive selection of 20/10 to 20/600 charts and contrast sensitivity testing. Two programming options allow for pre-programming any standard sequence of charts or refracting routines. For information, call 1 (800) 874-5274 or visit


A Unique Lens from CIBA

CIBA Vision has released the Focus Dailies Progressives with AquaRelease lens, the first and only presbyopic daily disposable lens in the United States. According to the company, the lens provides a balance of distance, intermediate and near vision. The lens incorporates a sustained-release, blink-activated moisturizing agent for better comfort which may prove beneficial to wearers with poor tear film and drier eyes. For information, visit


Eyemaginations Gets Animated

The 3-D Eye Online program from Eyemaginations integrates the company's animations and illustrations into eye-care professional websites. Through the program, the company's core technology is transferable to websites to enhance physicians' ability to provide patients with information on conditions and procedures. Doctors can select 35 unique 3-D animations from a menu of 100 topics to integrate into existing websites. Call 1 (877) 321-5481 or visit


Proclear Parameters Expand

CooperVision is extending the parameters of the Proclear Multifocal Toric contact lens. With the extension, the lenses are now available in a sphere power range of +20 D to -20 D in 0.5 steps +/- 6.5, cylinder powers of -0.75 D to -5.75 D in 0.5-D steps, axis in 5-degree steps and add powers of +1 to +4 in 0.5-D steps. The lenses also feature two base curves of 8.4 and 8.8. The extended parameter lenses are available in six-lens packs direct from CooperVision and its authorized distributors. For more information, visit


Lens Range

Vision-Ease has announced availability of the expanded base curve and increased lens thickness of its plastic semi-finished single vision (SFSV) 80-mm lenses. With the expansion, plastic SFSV lenses are available in 5.25 and 7.25 base curves. The lens edge thickness on 6.25 and 8.25 base lenses has been increased, suiting them for wraparound frame styles. For more information, call 1 (800) 328-3449 or visit