Endo Optiks has introduced a triple-function 23-ga. laser endoscope in the United States and internationally. Developed with the support of its medical advisory board of retina specialists, the instrument: provides capability for video, imaging and laser in a 23-ga. endoscope; offers a wider field of illumination than standard 23-ga. endoilluminators; fits through all 23-ga. trocar systems; enables direct visualization and treatment of the posterior segment; and allows laser treatment combined with illumination and visualization. For information, visit endooptiks.com.

M&S Technologies’ Wireless Tablet for the Smart System
M&S Technologies has introduced the Smart System Tablet, a sleek wireless option for controlling the Smart System technology.

Using the innovative Android system, the easy-to-learn interface allows the operator to fully engage with the patient and maintain eye contact.

The company plans to start shipping the Smart System Tablet this fall.

M&S Technologies is a visual acuity software development company with more than 20,000 systems in use across 39 countries. For information, visit mstech-eyes.com.

SynergEyes Hybrid Multifocal Contact Lens for Presbyopes
SynergEyes is making its second-generation multifocal hybrid contact lens, the Duette Multifocal, available nationwide. The lens is the first silicone hydrogel hybrid contact lens specifically designed for patients with presbyopia.

Approved for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration, the Duette Multifocal lens features a simultaneous vision design that provides true binocular vision at all distances, the company says. The lens also incorporates MultiPro2 Technology, which utilizes a near center aspheric Add Zone in combination with a distance asphere to provide real progressive visual correction. The lens features a high modulus RGP center with a Dk of 130 and a low modulus silicone hydrogel skirt with a Dk of 84. Hybrid technology provides excellent centration and stability to deliver full binocular vision that is not affected by lens movement, making it an ideal contact lens for any presbyopic patient.

The lens also utilizes an optimized lacrimal layer to decrease aberrations and enhance optical performance while also correcting corneal astigmatism, making it one of the only contact lens options for presbyopes with astigmatism. For information, visit synergeyes.com.