KATENA"S BLUMENTHAL CONJUNCTIVA DISSECTOR (K3-1124), developed by Eytan Z. Blumenthal, MD, of Jerusalem, Israel, is designed for dissection of the trabeculectomy bleb pocket. Featuring a smooth, round, 2 mm-wide, disc-shaped tip, this tip design allows the surgeon to gently and atraumatically undermine and dissect the bleb pocket, which Katena says minimizes fibrosis tendencies of the tissue, reducing the potential for bleb failure. The tip is mounted on a 21-mm shaft for extensive dissection, and can be used for both fornix and limbal-based procedures.

George Rosenwasser, MD, of Hershey, Pa, has developed two new scissors for effective excision of the endothelial layer during DLEK procedures, according to Katena. Both of the scissors are designed with long, thin blades with blunted tips. The blades are set precisely to ensure delivering a clean cut all the way up to the tip. The medium curved scissors (K4-2041) are primarily intended for use during primary excision of the dissected lamella. The strongly curved scissors (K4-2042) are designed to be used to complete the excision along the inferior rim. For further information, contact Gordon Dahl at (973) 989-1600.

Lenticular Net and Forceps from Rhein
RHEIN MEDICAL"S SABET LENTICULAR SAFETY NET (8-01428), developed with Sina J. Sabet, MD, is designed for use during a complication of a fallen nucleus in the vitreous. The actuating safety net pushes out of a 23-ga. tube to grasp, elevate and retrieve a dropped lens during an anterior vitrectomy and phacoemulsification procedure. The tube fits through a 1-mm paracentesis or pars plana incision, and once opened inside the eye, provides a large surface area for fragment support. It is reusable, autoclavable, guaranteed for life. Additional safety net baskets (8-01428-B) are also available.

Created with a special low-profile, hourglass jaw design, Rhein Medical's insertion forceps hold an intraocular lens securely during insertion through a minimal incision. The wide-jaw platform prevents the lens from tilting during insertion, while the direct acting handle mechanism provides control over release of the optic. For a 30-day surgical evaluation of these products, or for additional information, contact Rhein medical at 1 (800) 637-4346.

Gulden Announces Phaco Simulator Eyes

GULDEN OPHTHALMICS PHACO PRACTICE PATIENT, a disposable simulator eye, provides the opportunity to practice performing the basic steps of phaco surgery, including capsulorhexis, sculpting, four-quadrant grooving, bimanual cracking into four quadrants, chopping, and emulsification of the nucleus.