The Titanium Chang Combination Horizontal/Vertical Chopper is available from Stronger Medical Instruments and Berson & Associates Inc. Developed by David Chang, MD, the double-ended chopper provides two chopper tips in one instrument. One end of the instrument is an elongated microfinger tip that has been modified for horizontal chopping of soft-to-medium nuclei. The other end has a sharply pointed tip used for vertical chopping of denser nuclei. Call (408) 776-3722 or visit

Large Screen Reading Aid
A 20-inch color TV monitor and a magnification range of 6X to 70X are features of the Magnasight Manual Focus Explorer CCTV System from Scientifics. The Explorer CCTV system is designed to assist those with low vision in daily reading and writing tasks. The device takes up a 14 x 14-inch table surface and weighs about 78 pounds. Other features include side-by-side configuration and margin/ brake stops. Call 1-800-728-6999 or visit

Build Your Own Website
Eyefinity, an optical Internet portal, now offers eWeb Extra, a do-it-yourself tool for medical practices to build websites hosted by the company. A user interface walks doctors through each step of building a site, and requires no prior technical or design experience. More than 40 professional-looking templates are available on eWeb Extra, with a variety of style and colors. Sites can offer maps and directions to the office, custom patient registration/welcome forms, etc. Online eye-care content is available via Eyefinity. Updates can be done at any time and technical service is available 24/7. Eyefinity says that costs for the service include a one-time set-up fee and a monthly hosting charge. Call (916) 851-5005 or visit

Improved Aim with Drops
A magnified mirror surface on the Eyot Eye Drop Accessory from Heath Care Logistics allows users to properly instill their own eyedrops with a steady hand and without touching the dropper to the eye. Fewer drops are wasted and application is more sterile with this aid, they say. With the interior mirror, the patient can see his own eye for accurate placement of drops. The Eyot also comes in red plastic without a mirrored surface, designed to create high contrast against a white dropper tip, making it easier for users with especially poor vision to position the tip in the center of the eye. The Eyot, made of recycled plastic, can hold plastic dropper bottles with tip sizes up to and including 6 mm. Call 1-800-848-1633 or visit

Colorful Eyepatches for Kids
Ortopad Orthoptic Patches now come in
color patterns as well as in standard brown. The patches are made of a monostretch material with a hypo-allergenic, latex-free adhesive and the company says skin irritation and allergic reactions are rare. Each box contains 50 individually wrapped patches that come in two sizes, Junior (age 2 and under) and Regular (age 3 and above). Call 1-800-486-6169 or visit

Lensometers: Auto or Manual
The ML1 Manual Lensometer enables accu-rate measuerments of a variety of single-vision, multifocal and contact lenses. Reichert says the ML1's glare-free, green illumination and sharp mires make measurements easy. The ML1 is battery-powered, cordless and portable. It can be adjusted to any angle. Full tilting allows for easy measurement of contact lenses. The ML1 can measure lenses from 24 to 90 mm in diameter and uses a bold crossline target for easy reading. A prism compensator extends the range to 15 D for added flexibility.

For those concerned about operator error, Reichert's AL500 Auto Lensometer is available. A high-contrast LCD screen and icon-based operating system enable fast and simple operation. It can also measure single-vision, multifocal and progressive-additional lenses and lenses with prism. Call (716) 686-4500 or visit

Titanium Safety Glasses
The titanium construction of the EXT10
men's frames from Titmus are rugged, lightweight and feature spring-hinged temples. Colors dark brown matte and dark gunmetal and sizes 53(18)-140 and 55(18)-145 are available. Call 1-800-446-1802 or visit