AMOeasy is a new online ordering service from Abbott Medical Optics, developed in direct response to results of customer surveys in which an overwhelming number asked for an automated or web-based system that would allow for round-the-clock ordering.

The AMOeasy site allows U.S. cataract customers to order AMO implants and cataract consumable products as well as track orders 24/7. After a simple online registration, customers use a hand-held scanner to log their inventory into their account. AMO customers may: receive lenses automatically with a click of a button or use of a barcode scanner; create automatic reorder lists of products often ordered; browse the entire AMO catalog of available products, complete with customer's personalized pricing; access live order tracking; include bundling, physician certification and other ordering information automatically; and view complete, real-time reports including implant inventory reconciliation, order history and implant usage history. For information, visit


Zeiss Has Its Eye on OCT

Carl Zeiss Meditec has launched a new online optical coherence tomography resource. Zeiss calls Eye On OCT ( the most extensive resource for news and education about OCT technology and clinical application for ophthalmologists, optometrists and other eye-care professionals.

Eye On OCT contains a broad compendium of resources for eye-care professionals, including physician demonstrations, interviews and commentary about current OCT applications; OCT journal and news articles, case reports and educational presentations, images and more

Eye On OCT utilizes machine learning, natural language processing, information retrieval and human computer interaction to deliver the most up-to-date information to its users. The site is powered by an engine that surveys and filters thousands of news articles per day from across the Web, selecting only the most pertinent content for eye-care professionals who are interested in OCT developments and clinical applications. Eye On OCT is available to eye-care professionals by visiting


Haag-Streit Introduces Lenstar LS 900 Optical Biometer

Haag-Streit USA has introduced the Lenstar LS 900, the first optical biometer with the precision of Optical Low-Coherence Reflectometry. In a single quick scan, Lenstar captures nine measurements including lens thickness and anterior chamber depth, and with its external personal computer it can be networked and directly communicate with EMR systems.  With all measurements on the visual axis, this state-of-the-art instrument has special value for practices that offer premium intraocular lenses and perform post-refractive IOL implantation surgery, the company says.

Examiners can complete a single scan and measure nine parameters within 30 seconds, without the patient having to be repositioned or moved to other equipment, maximizing outcome consistency. This speed is much more convenient and comfortable for patients and Lenstar's quick scan capabilities significantly improve patient cooperation and diagnostic integrity even among techs with varying levels of expertise.

Lenstar provides the user with a complete laser interferometric assessment of the patient's eye in a single measurement procedure. The nine measurements include: pachymetry; keratometry; anterior chamber depth; lens thickness; axial length;, white-to-white distance; pupillometry; eccentricity of the visual axis; and retinal thickness. Detailed product information is available at

The Lenstar platform was designed to meet the needs of the surgeon now and in the future. To minimize costly upgrades, annoying hardware repairs, overflowing databases and to allow third-party software products to run in parallel, Lenstar uses an external PC. Its expandable software platform has all standard IOL formulae built–in and is freely expandable with optimized IOL constants and future formulae. The system delivers b/w and red-free images of the eye and allows the user to interactively set gates in the A-scan display.

While acquisition of Lenstar includes onsite training by a clinical application specialist, the software and interface were designed to be extremely intuitive. That means technicians can begin operating Lenstar almost immediately. For more information, visit or call 1 (800) 787-5426.


Odyssey Medical Debuts Micro Flow Punctal Occluder

Odyssey Medical is extending its dry-eye options with the introduction of the Micro Flow Punctal Occluder. The Micro Flow is designed to provide a simple, reversible means of partial occlusion by limiting the drainage of tears into the lacrimal duct. It is intended for use in patients experiencing epiphora caused by a punctal stenosis or when total punctal occlusion is too aggressive. Available in three sizes (small, medium and large), the Micro Flow is packaged in a Sterile Pre-loaded (one pair per box) and Non-Sterile Bulk (five pairs per box) configuration. To order or obtain more information,  visit