The pollen is out in full force, and Eyevance’s Zerviate (cetirizine ophthalmic solution 0.24%) is here to help. Zerviate is the first novel prescription-only treatment for allergic conjunctivitis in 10 years, says Eyevance. The formula contains cetirizine, the same active ingredient found in the antihistamine Zyrtec. Additionally, the company notes that the drug’s other ingredients—glycerin and hydroxypropl methylcellulose—commonly found in tear lubricants, comfortably facilitate the delivery of the cetirizine molecule to the eye. In the clinical trials, Zerviate demonstrated ocular itching relief within three minutes—and relief up to eight hours for moderate and severe allergic conjunctivitis—as well as relief of other ocular allergic conjunctivitis symptoms. Eyevance plans to launch virtual educational webinars to provide doctors with more information about Zerviate. Visit


New Releases from Icare USA

Icare USA’s newest diagnostic instruments include the Centervue DRSplus—a confocal fundus imaging system—and the next generation of Icare USA’s handheld tonometer line, the Icare ic200. Icare USA says the DRSplus uses white LED illumination to produce its 45-degree retinal images, which the company says are sharper, have greater contrast and better optical resolution (even through cataracts) than traditional fundus camera imaging. With the DRSplus’ mosaic function, physicians can view panoramic 80-degree images. Icare says the DRSplus requires minimal training and will speed up exam time. The company says a physician with experience using the DRSplus can obtain high-quality color images for both eyes in less than 10 seconds. 

The Icare ic200 features a new streamlined design and user interface that confirms proper position for measurement through light indicators. Using a rebound measuring principle, the ic200 measures IOP without any anesthetic drops, air puffs or specialized skills, says the company. Additionally, Icare USA notes that this new model of handheld tonometer has the ability to test patients while they’re sitting, supine or elevated. The company says the ic200 is accurate and reliable when compared to applanation, and its portability also allows the physician to acquire IOP information in eyes that are traditionally difficult to measure. Visit


Social-distance Refractions

To help maintain six feet of social distance, Luneau Technology recently introduced a new digital phoropter, the Visionix VX65. The new device allows eye-care providers to control the entire refraction process using a tablet or an optional control panel, standing six feet away from the patient, or even in another room or office location, the company says. 

Luneau says the VX65 makes integrating remote or digital refraction in the clinic easy with a familiar interface and the option to switch between manual and auto modes. The VX65 also allows users to export refraction data directly to their EHR and import data from external devices such as lensmeters. For information, visit REVIEW