Technology Update

Telemedicine in the Time of COVID-19

Telemedicine experts offer some tips for navigating distance doctoring during the pandemic. 


3-D Heads-up Displays & the Anterior Segment Surgery

Proponents say this technology is becoming more viable as a tool for surgeons working at the front of the eye.


Low-Vision Devices: The Overt and Covert

A look at four low-vision devices and some tips for modifying smartphones to help those with limited sight.


Manual LRIs: Tools of the Trade

Despite the availability of more high-tech options, manual LRIs can still be a useful way to address astigmatism.


Lords of the Rings: The Defeat of Miosis

Pupillary expansion rings aren’t Elven-made, but they are powerful tools for combating intraoperative miosis.


Accommodating IOLs: Two More Possibilities

More entries in the race to create a device that will truly let patients see near, far and everywhere in between.


An iPhone for an Eye Doctor

Experts discuss the iPhone 11, evaluate its newest features and talk about the future of smartphone technology.



EHR: Making the Most of Patient Portals

This feature of most electronic health record software packages can benefit patients and practices alike—if used effectively.



Smartphone Apps for Cataract Surgery

A look at two IOL calculators and an axial marking tool you can use from your smartphone or tablet.



OCT and Advanced Glaucoma: It Can Work

The popular idea that OCT isn’t good for monitoring progression in advanced glaucoma may be erroneous.