Technology Update

New Ways to Address Amblyopia

Traditional approaches to diagnosis and treatment have been less-than-ideal. New high-tech options may change that.


How to Develop Your Own Instruments

From concept to patent to finding a manufacturer—here’s how to get started in the world of custom instruments.


Promising New Ways to Monitor Glaucoma

New technologies are showing promise for more accurate monitoring—and predicting of—progression.


LIRIC: A Novel LVC Treatment

This non-invasive method of correcting refractive error alters the cornea’s index of refraction rather than its shape.


Update: Monitoring Glaucoma at Home

As technology improves, self-monitoring by patients is becoming feasible.


Reference Apps For Ophthalmologists

Five smartphone apps that can save you time and bring some peace of mind.


Rethinking Retinal Tamponades

Two surgeons discuss their work developing a new alternative that won’t make patients miserable.


Reevaluating Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn how to take full advantage of digital resources with expert advice.


Acuity Testing at Home: Ready for Clinical Use?

Thanks to the pandemic, methods for assessing visual acuity away from the office are finally starting to get real.


Outsourced Billing: Where to Start

In-house or outsourced? Find out if hiring a billing service is right for your practice.