Technology Update

OCT and Advanced Glaucoma: It Can Work

The popular idea that OCT isn’t good for monitoring progression in advanced glaucoma may be erroneous.


Creating Uncommon Accommodation

Three intraocular lenses in the pipeline appear to be providing true accommodative vision. Here’s the latest on these devices.


The Evolution of Portable Visual Field Testing

Innovative technology is making it easier to check visual function at home using portable and virtual methods. 


Binocular Vision: Keeping It Together

New devices use the latest technology to evaluate and treat problems related to stereo visual acuity—and more.  


Improve Your Technique with Skill Simulators

Two different approaches to teaching ophthalmic skills, plus insights on how to use those sharpened skills with a cool head.


Making the Case for Greener Cataract Surgery

Current standards for OR safety in the U.S. are causing massive waste and pollution—and studies suggest they’re not necessary.


Retinal Prostheses: A Second Chance for Eyes?

A look at how two retinal prostheses—one approved and one investigational—work and whom they might help.

iStent Inject & Hydrus: New Ways to Increase Outflow

Surgeons share their experience with the two latest FDA- approved MIGS devices.

Online Vision Tests: Time Saver or Risk Maker?

Vision-testing apps can save low-risk patients time and money when it’s time to renew contacts or get a new pair of glasses.

AI & Ophthalmology: Two Approaches to Diagnosis

Some systems are taught what to look for in order to detect the presence of disease; other systems train themselves.