Imaging and Diagnostic Instruments

OCT's Role in Tracking Glaucoma Progression

As the technology improves, optical coherence tomography is figuring more prominently and earlier in the process of managing glaucoma.

The Devil’s in the Distant Details

Wide-field angiography systems can help catch peripheral ischemic areas that portend worsening disease.

Femtosecond Cataract: Getting Up to Speed

Expert advice on minimizing the time femtosecond cataract surgery adds to your procedures.

What OCT Tells Us About Progression

OCT has made strides as an objective measure of progression, but it still has limitations.

Making the Most of High-tech Biometry

Today’s advanced technology calls for a well-informed user in order to optimize results. Here’s help.

A New Take on Allergy Diagnostics & Treatment

New diagnostics may be a boon to both patient care and practice development.

How to Do Biometry ‘On the Table’

Intraoperative aberrometry can help you get closer to your refractive target, surgeons say.

Retina by the Slice: The Latest in OCTs

Retina tracking, new color modes and new anterior-segment features are some of the latest additions to OCT devices.

Topography-guided Ablation: Pros and Cons

As surgeons anticipate the availability of this technology in the United States, those who have used it offer insights and advice.