December 2014


Finding Happiness Amidst the Chaos

Here's how to cope and remain focused on patient care during stressful times.

Managing Today's Difficult Patients

The advent of personal information technology has made practicing more challenging than ever. Here's help.

The Secret to a Satisfied Patient

With technical skill seen as a given, communication skills come to the forefront.


Review News

Technology Update

Honing Intrastromal AK Nomograms

Surgeons say these new incisions can help if toric lenses aren’t an option or don’t treat all of a patient’s astigmatism.

Medicare Q & A

The Benefits of Scribes for Your Practice

With some practice and a few EMR considerations, scribes can help increase both productivity and workflow.

Retinal Insider

Ocriplasmin for VMT: A Review of Safety Data

After nearly a decade of use, what the data says about the ocular and systemic safety of these increasingly used drugs.

Glaucoma Management

Is Your Anti-hypertensive Treatment Working?

It’s tempting to decide whether or not our treatment is working at the first post-treatment visit—but that could be a mistake.

Therapeutic Topics

3,500 Years of Artificial Tears

After three millennia of battling the discomfort and irritation of dry eye, is ophthalmology any closer to a solution?

Refractive Surgery

What Patients Think of LASIK

The results of several well-designed, prospective LASIK studies are shedding light on the procedure’s postop pros and cons.

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

December 2014 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

The recent return of earlier floaters and decreased vision in one eye mark the latest signs in a patient with previous vitreous detachment.