May 2013


Are You Setting Yourself Up for Burnout?

Physician burnout appears to be on the rise. Here’s why, along with some ideas on how to get better control.

ARVO Cataract: Cataract Continues to Change with the Times

The aging population, the evolution of technology and the changing health-care system are all reflected in this year’s ARVO abstracts.

ARVO Contact Lenses: New Data, New Designs

Studies are finding news ways to make the most of both familiar and less-often-used lenses.

ARVO Cornea: Cross-linking Leads the Way in a Busy Year

Expanding the base of patients who may benefit from cross-linking and refining the procedure lead the way in a busy year of cornea research.

ARVO Glaucoma: Slow but Steady Strides Forward

Though a cure remains elusive, our ability to manage the disease continues to improve.

ARVO Refractive Surgery: Surgeons Continue to Innovate

A look at the latest research on screening refractive surgery patients and getting the best outcomes with their surgeries.

ARVO Retina: Surgeons Drill Deeper into Anti-VEGF

An inside look at the latest advances in medical and surgical management of retinal conditions.

Preparing for the Health-Care Revolution

Eight ways the new Affordable Care Act may impact your practice, and how to be ready for them.


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Technology Update

Using Low Tech To Assess Low Vision

Accurately measuring very limited vision and identifying scotomas can now be accomplished with inexpensive hand-held cards.

Retinal Insider

Current and Potential Uses of Ocriplasmin

A viable pharmacologic option to treat symptomatic vitreomacular adhesion, this drug may offer additional uses.

Glaucoma Management

When Glaucomatous Damage Isn’t Glaucoma

Many conditions besides glaucoma can produce the appearance of the disease.

Therapeutic Topics

New Therapies: Of Kinases and Cascades

How various kinases act within the eye and the potential for targeting them to produce therapeutic results.

Refractive Surgery

Reversing LASIK and Premium IOL Woes

Taking a logical, stepwise approach and fighting for every line of visual acuity will pay dividends for you and your patients.

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