Refractive/Cataract Rundown

Using Technology to Hone Cataract Outcomes

A look at the platforms that help you measure your surgical results and provide intuitive feedback for improvement.

A First Look At the EVO ICL

The EVO/EVO+ ICL’s unique design could pave the way for more patients to benefit from ICL technology.

Tips for Toric Marking & Alignment

What makes a good technique? Experts share their marking pearls and advice for when your devices disagree.

Suturing a One-Piece Lens In Place

A surgeon describes two new techniques that may allow safe fixation of a one-piece lens in a problematic eye.

Epithelial Ingrowth: Rare, But Manageable

After a first LASIK procedure, epithelial ingrowth is rare, but the rates go up after retreatment cases.

Mastering Iris Defect Suturing Techniques

Solutions for anatomical challenges that too many surgeons aren’t willing to meet during cataract surgery.

Responding to Refractive Surprises

Helpful tips on how to proceed when the first eye catches you off guard.

Fitting PRK into Your Surgical Plan

Surgeons detail the patients who benefit most from PRK and share tips for managing postop discomfort.

Maximizing SMILE Outcomes

Insights from an expert on how to choose the right patients, master techniques and avoid or manage complications.

Back to Basics: Using OVDs

Know how to optimize your surgical results and stay out of trouble.