April 2013


Femtosecond AK: How to Make the Cut

Precise cuts and the ability to titrate their effect postop are two of the benefits of this new technology.

Femtosecond Cataract In the Real World

Surgeons who have chosen to invest in this technology share their experiences to date.

Meet the Challenges of Vasculitic PUK

Patients with peripheral ulcerative keratitis need urgent attention—proper and timely intervention in many cases can save their lives.

The Start-up: From Dream to Reality

For ophthalmologists and others who contemplate bringing a new ophthalmic product to market, some lessons from the front lines.

The New Rules on Industry/MD Payments

A look at the need for and potential impact of new reporting requirements on physician financial relationships with industry.


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Editor's Page

Technology Update

Medicare Q & A

Identifying Charting And Coding Risks

Considerations to keep in mind as practices face continued charting and documentation scrutiny from government agencies.

Retinal Insider

Trends & Approaches to Repairing Detachment

Advances in vitreoretinal surgery have altered trends in choice of repair techniques. Here’s a review of the pros and cons.

Plastic Pointers

Diagnosis & Treatment of Lacrimal Gland Neoplasias

A better understanding of the nature of these tumors and advanced diagnostic technologies are improving management.

Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma Testing: Too Much of a Good Thing

Overuse of testing can have a negative impact on the patient, the doctor and the health-care system.

Pediatric Patient

Bevacizumab in the Treatment of ROP

The anti-VEGF drug may have promise in treatment of retinopathy of prematurity, but uncertainty still surrounds its use.

Therapeutic Topics

Sorting Out the Stats from the Jaks

The 20th anniversary of a landmark scientific discovery provides an opportunity to look into the future of ocular therapies.

Refractive Surgery

Three New Ways to Tackle Presbyopia

A review of several intracorneal inlays vying for Food and Drug Administration approval to treat emmetropic presbyopes.