April 2014


A New Take on Allergy Diagnostics & Treatment

New diagnostics may be a boon to both patient care and practice development.

First Steps in Creating a Pharma Start-up

A primer for ophthalmologists on starting a new pharmaceutical company and bringing a new drug to market.

Insights on Losing Sight

It is our privilege as eye doctors to help enhance health, preserve sight … and provide insight.

Making the Most of High-tech Biometry

Today’s advanced technology calls for a well-informed user in order to optimize results. Here’s help.

Taking Femto Cataract To the Next Level

Surgeons detail the manual techniques that complement femtosecond laser surgery.


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Technology Update

Can Surgeons Stop the Drops?

A look at recent attempts to replace postop eye drops with injections and the pros and cons of this approach.

Medicare Q & A

2014 Physician Quality Reporting System

National Quality Strategy Domains, Qualified Clinical Data Registry options and other changes you should know about.

Retinal Insider

Electrophysiology Comes to the Clinic

How clinical electrophysiology can improve your diagnosis and management of posterior segment disease.

Glaucoma Management

Branded vs. Generic: Proceed With Caution

Despite the best intentions of the FDA, generic versions of drugs are not always identical to their branded counterparts.

Pediatric Patient

Pediatric Glaucoma: A Review of the Basics

Despite similarities to glaucoma in adults, the clinical findings and surgical management of pediatric glaucoma vastly differ.

Therapeutic Topics

A Recipe for Better Patient Compliance

How different drug formulations and dosing regimens may help ensure that patients take their medicine.

Refractive Surgery

Optimizing Outcomes with Monovision

Making patients understand monovision and what to expect from it is half the battle, surgeons say.

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Wills Eye Resident Case Series

April 2014 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

A recent history of conjunctivitis and a worsening proptosis leads to a recommendation of a thyroid disease workup.