September 2014


Cross-Linking: New Uses and Techniques

Researchers continue to find ways to help patients with corneal collagen cross-linking.

Is DMEK Ready for Prime Time?

The challenging nature of this procedure has given surgeons pause, but those with experience say it’s worth the trouble.

Make a Positive Transfer To DMEK

With DMEK, your DSEK skills can lift you up in some cases and trip you up in others, surgeons say.


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Ophthalmic Product Development Insights

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Technology Update

Surgical Supervision For the 21st Century

High-speed, high-definition technology is making it possible to help guide surgery taking place in remote locations.

Retinal Insider

Scleral Buckling for RRD: Yes, No or Maybe?

Despite shifts in treatment options, scleral buckle remains an excellent choice to treat rhegmatogenous retinal detachment.

Glaucoma Management

10 Ways to Optimize Treatment with SLT

This increasingly utilized procedure allows for a significant reduction in IOP without impacting the patient’s quality of life.

Therapeutic Topics

Thoughts on Healing the Wounded Cornea

A look at the mechanism behind neurotrophic keratitis as well as current and future methods for treating it.

Refractive Surgery

An Update on Scleral Expansion

A user of the technology says updates in instrumentation and imaging have made a difference in the controversial procedure.

Research Review

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

September 2014 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Recently decreased vision and eye pain prompt a hospital ER visit by an elderly patient and soon after, another to the Wills ER.