July 2014


Femto Laser Cataract: Avoiding Complications

Like every new surgery, this one is associated with unique potential problems. Here’s how to keep things going smoothly.

Femtosecond Cataract: Getting Up to Speed

Expert advice on minimizing the time femtosecond cataract surgery adds to your procedures.

Toric IOLs: Nailing the Target Axis

Success with torics comes down to measuring and marking the corneal astigmatism axis and accurately placing the lens at that position.


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Technology Update

Intraoperative OCT Coming into Focus

Manufacturers are finding ways to make this technology available during surgery, giving surgeons a whole new view.

Retinal Insider

CSCR: Diagnosis and Treatment

Central serous chorioretinopathy afflicts working-age patients. While many can be observed, some will require intervention.

Glaucoma Management

Meeting the Needs of the Emerging ‘Super Senior’

Elderly patients are an ever-increasing part of our patient populations, bringing special challenges and considerations.

Pediatric Patient

Vigabatrin and Visual Field Loss in Children

The drug has a long history outside the United States in the treatment of epilepsy. Its use in children requires close follow-up.

Therapeutic Topics

ARVO Comes to the City of Magic

Highlights from the posters and papers presented at the 2014 ARVO meeting in Orlando.

Refractive Surgery

The Latest Results With the LAL

An update on the Light-Adjustable Lens and a look at a potential application for it in broadening focal depth.

Wills Eye Resident Case Series

July 2014 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Recent eyelid swelling appears to be resolved after an ER visit, but soon returns accompanied by headaches and eye pain.