February 2014


Crack a SMILE Or Raise a Flap?

The benefits and drawbacks of this unique intrastromal refractive surgery procedure.

Inlays and Presbyopia: The Next Frontier

A look at three leading approaches using inlays to expand presbyopic patients’ range of vision.

LASIK Xtra: Is It for Everyone?

Surgeons have begun combining LASIK and cross-linking to avoid post-LASIK ectasia and to improve refractive outcomes.

Refractive Surgeons Embrace Thin Flaps

Our survey of refractive surgeons reveals the tools and techniques they like most.


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Technology Update

The Integrated Cataract Surgical Suite

By linking diagnostic instruments with surgical ones, companies hope to improve surgical safety and efficacy.

Letters to the Editor

Review Letters

The review of the Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group’s article misses some contradictions in the group’s reports.

Medicare Q & A

A New Year Brings New Code Changes

An overview of the new ophthalmic CPT code changes, as well as changes to facility reimbursements and doctor bonuses.

Retinal Insider

Multimodal Imaging of APMPPE, Related Disorders

Recognizing the distinctive features of each placoid disorder is critical for accurate and timely diagnosis and management.

Glaucoma Management

NTG: The Nocturnal Blood Pressure Factor

Evidence indicates that large dips in blood pressure at night correlate with progression in normal-tension glaucoma patients.

Therapeutic Topics

Wise Choices for Ocular Diagnoses

A look at the value and utility of a range of diagnostic techniques and technology for anterior segment disease.

Refractive Surgery

New Ways to Detect Keratoconus

Looking at corneal imaging data in different ways can enhance your ability to avoid risky refractive surgery cases.

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Wills Eye Resident Case Series

February 2014 Wills Eye Resident Case Series

Failure to adhere to a prescribed drug treatment has dire consequences for a young boy referred to the Wills ER.